This is how you see summer off in style

How are we in the end of August already guys? Where has the summer gone? Well, it’s not exactly gone gone yet, really, but we’re edging towards autumn definitely. I mean yeah I’m OK with that but before I big farewell to t-shirt weather I want to have a right good send off for this season and party my socks off.



Which is what I totally did on Saturday.



I feel like all I’ve done of late is hang out in Hoole but it’s just that Hoole’s been popping for the last few weeks and on Saturday we saw summer off in style at the Hoole Open Air Courtyard Party.  This is exactly what I needed to emotionally prepare myself to dig out my umbrellas and wellies and get ready to welcome autumn.



Basically, this was the summer party to end all summer parties (see what I did there) the courtyard of Hoole Community Centre was packed to the hilt with food, drinks, music and obvs punters. There was a great big BBQ, gourmet Scotch eggs, prosecco and drinks made of thereof, craft beer, cocktails a DJ blasting out some top tunes and – get this – a rum and gin festival too.



The latter had 80 different rums and 60 gins to try and I’m not gonna lie guys, I was a little wobbly after I checked it out. For (cough) research purposes, you understand. Anyway. I love talking to people who are as passionate about all things boozy as I am and I spent quite a lot of time chatting to the lovely folks representing Cut Rum, Appleton Estate, Edinburgh Gin Distillery, Citadelle and Locksley Distilling Co about their tasty, tasty produce. Now, if you’d ask me what exactly we talked about, I probably couldn’t tell you. But I assume it had a lot to do with “I love this”, “I love this too”, “this is great” and “can I have another one”. I mean, profound stuff like that.



And then I had some awesome beers, a few cocktails, a flute or two of prosecco and by this time I was ready to boogie the night away. Which I totally did, even made it to the official after party at the Suburbs for a few before I realised that I was seeing double, most likely triple, and that it was probably past my bed time.



But what a send-off for summer, eh? Totally worth the somewhat sore head the following day.



Were you at the Hoole Open Air Courtyard Party? Let’s chat about it in the comments guys!


P.S Go give some online love to the folk representing at the event, they’re all fab.

GourmEGG | Popup-Box | Beer Heroes | All About It | Hoole Community Centre

  • whitney

    This looks like a blast and I SO want those drinks! Hope you had a great time!

  • Kanishka Acharya

    I love all the pictures and all the people enjoying sending off summer!

    • Katja Knox

      Everyone definitely enjoyed themselves! 🙂

  • Jasmin N

    Ah that sounds like an amazing event for an amazing weekend! I wish I had more time on my hands to take part, I think we have these type of events in Helsinki too, but after uni & work I’m usually so ready to crash to bed when I get home haha.