Beers and beats at Hoole Beer Festival


“Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”, said Benjamin Franklin (arguably) way back when and if you needed any more proof that it’s true, that was at the Hoole Beer festival this weekend. Sure, I ended up with the mother of all hangovers and sore feet due to too much dancing but it was totally worth it.



First things first; the Hoole Community Centre is a fantastic place to throw a beer festival in. I remember a few years back the now late Kash Taprooms hosted a burger-off competition and a German mini fest there and I thought it was such a great venue for beer related shenanigans then already. The fact I was judging for the best free-style burger in town had nothing to do with it. I promise.



Anyway. The burger-off was a blast but the beer festival took it on in a magnificent way. First, there was much more beer. Second, the festival took over the whole damn place with all kinds of shenanigans. And they threw in a few beer tasting classes for good measure. So yeah, this was a beer fest with some balls.



I spied with my little eye around 50 cask and keg beers and ciders and then there was the small matter of the gins, wines and prosecco, which happen to be all my favourite things right after beer.



I probably don’t need to point out how well watered I was throughout the festival. Hubby and I also attended a beer tasting session with Martin Hilton from PureCraft, where a few other beers were had so you’ll all have to excuse me if everything became a little hazy as the night progressed.



But, guys. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t swoon all over Dim Sum Su. Basically, they make these amazing bite-sized steamed buns and fill them with awesome Cantonese and Chinese flavours, and if you see them and their street food kitchen at any shindig ever do yourself a favour and go there immediately. They sell out fast and it’s because their food is just so super tasty. Hubby and I had the belly pork and it was just to die for.



And as for my sore feet? Well, no self-respecting festival ever goes on without some live music and it’s a well-known fact that music sounds always better after a few beers. And if there’s a tune after a tune on one simply has no other option but to boogie until one can’t feel their feet anymore. Which is exactly what I did.



Any hangover the next day was thoroughly earned and deserved – and I ain’t even mad. Totally worth every ache and pain, and a lethargic, slow morning. More of this please, as soon as I get over this one.

  • maliblue mymind

    nice event an great outdoor space!


  • Fantastic event for beer lovers! Now that temperature is so high in my country, nothing better than a cold fresh beer.

  • I’m definitely not into beer, but that food looks pretty amazing and so does the atmosphere!

  • That food looks SO good!
    Is it bad that sometimes i like hangovers? Only the mild ones but it just feels like a great excuse to wrap up in a duvet, pop Harry Potter on and ignore the world x

  • Jasmin N

    Sounds like you had so much fun there! Beer festival, sounds like a worth to visit one day even though I’m not a fan of beer 😀

  • Zana Djakovic

    It seems like you had a lot of fun! 🙂

  • I am not a fan of beer, but this beer festival sounds super fun! I laughed so hear about what Franklin said, don’t know why. I totally agree about sore feet though, if they don’t hurt than the music wasn’t good.
    B, xx |