Hey there, new hair!


I have a confession to make – I went and chopped my long locks off the other week. I didn’t want to share that before because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but now that I’ve had sufficient time to get used to said new look I’ve decided it’s pretty sassy.


I’ve always had long hair and never even considered having a bob until Josh at Headmasters told me I’d look fierce with one. Words cannot describe the absolute horror I felt watching my hair go from reaching over my shoulders to barely covering my ears but damn how exited was I when I saw the finished article.



But with new hair comes great responsibility. Now that the stupid split ends are gone and it’s all tabula rasa with this new do, I need to make sure it stays as silky and bouncy as Josh left it.


Now see, I put my hair through the works on a daily basis. I blowdry, straighten, curl, bend and whatnot the poor beggar every day and after a few weeks it starts to frizzle and just cry for some TLC. So I figured, if I invest into some super conditioning products maybe I won’t be murdering (RIP old hair) my newly chopped do immediately.



Cue CoCo LoCo range from Lee Stafford.


Last time I nipped to Boots I saw these at the stands for “new stuff” but didn’t really pay attention to them because… well, I thought they were a bit pricy compared to the bargain stuff I usually buy. I can already hear everyone, especially Josh, wringing their hands in desperation and cry “but Kat, you can’t skimp on your haircare!” and yeah, you are right. I just wasn’t that aware of that then.


Because I’ll be honest, I’d probably be prepared to pay a lot more money for these than I did. As salon quality goods go, they’re not at the top-dollar range (250ml of shampoo or conditioner sets you back £5.99 and same goes for the volume mousse) but you’d easily be fooled to think they were.


Obviously they smell lush, coconut oil being the main ingredient and all. Coconut oil is the it thing right now, from skincare to consumables, and for good reason. It packs about a zillion health benefits and all those said benefits I want in my hair.


My hair’s problem is that whereas there’s a lot of it, it’s super fine and without the right products it looks frumpy and thin and unhealthy. With Coco Loco it’s silky smooth and bouncy (not to mention it smells divine). And most importantly, it makes my hair easily manageable… because there’s nothing I hate more than to have to battle with my straighteners in the morning when I should be already running out the door to work.


The volume mousse is super airy, not sticky at all (I don’t know about you but I hate sticky mousses) and gives my hair that boost it hasn’t naturally got but desperately wants. Bye bye flat, lifeless hair and hello you fierce volumised beast! Rawr.


I’m totally gonna invest into these bad boys again, and in case you needed that extra push to convince yourself to give them a go, Boots are doing a 3-4-2 deal on them right now.


  • Sandra
  • Sheri A Busy Bee

    I like your new Hair style it really looks good on you

  • Oh wow! Your new look is very different but it sure is gorgeous. 🙂 Perfect summer hair!

    Nora / https://dreamerachiever.com

  • You look gorgeous! Love the new hair x

  • Jasmin N

    Oh you look absolutely amazing! Shorter hair looks so great on you 🙂

  • Amy Victoria Baldwin

    The short hair looks great, well done for being brave and making a big change! The Lee Stafford products look good too- I will have to check them out as I’m looking for something that will combat dry ends! ☺️

  • I love the chop. And your nails are gorge! I am so attached to my locks I thinknof cutting them and growing an afro and I cry

    • Katja Knox

      Ha! I know right, I was holding back tears when the chopping happened but luckily I’m in love with it now. Could’ve been traumatising otherwise!

  • I love the haircut – I did the exact same and got a short cut last week. It takes a little bit to get used to it, but its worth it! I think it really suits you!
    Emily xx

    • Katja Knox

      Welcome to the bob-squad! It’s like, “where my hair at” when washing or combing. But it’s worth it!

  • Jaime

    Love the haircut

  • Your bob looks incredible! I keep eyeing these up in Boots too, but I’ve never branched out to buy them, they sound fab

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    • Katja Knox

      Do it! Do it! They’re 3-4-2, it’s a bargain and a half right now.

  • Miss Ivana

    Love the new hairstyle looks very lovely on you. 🙂