Friday Feature: Getting my wicked wedding-guest face on

There’s nothing lovelier than two people saying “I do” on a beautiful summer’s day. Even if it is so darn hot you curse your life at regular intervals and wonder if it really is against all things holy to not wear stockings at church. But lovely nonetheless!

The happy couple

Last weekend hubby acted as a groomsman to his friend tying the knot with his partner of almost a decade, and apart from the immediate “what am I going to wear I look horrible in everything” crisis it was such a gorgeous day, the happy couple could not have had it better even if they had planned it. Which they kind of did.

And to make the wedding even more magical, there was a very strong Harry Potter theme all through the event (on account those tying the knot being crazy mad in love with the books, movies and paraphernalia), from the table names to rings the happy couple exchanged – so yeah. Magical.

Harry Potter wedding favour

I love gushing over the blooming brides and gorgeous grooms and the tears of happiness everyone sheds when the vows are exchanged, and solemn yet upbeat ceremonies. It almost makes me want to do it all over again but hubby has said he won’t renew our vows until we have hit at least the 10 year mark on our marriage. So, nine years to go.

Harry Potter wedding decorations

Anyway. I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to have my makeup sorted out by the lovely ladies of Urban Decay I met at the Red Door cocktail lounge’s pizza and prosecco night, so whereas my wardrobe was a rather large question mark even in the morning of the nuptials, I knew that my face was going to be fabulous.

Urban Decay face

Emma lavished some much needed detail to my face in the form of UD XX Vide Reloaded eyeshadows, I had some serious cat eye effect going on drawn with Ink For Eyes liquid eye pencil and the whole shebang crowned with marvellous luscious lashes made with Perversion mascara.

The base was done with Naked Skin weightless ultra-definition liquid makeup, which stayed on my face without melting off even in the blistering heat (hooray!) and set with a pressed finishing powder of the same name. Some serious contouring action was done with the Naked Flushed palate and finally the lot was sealed with All Nighter, a long-lasting makeup setting spray.

But my favourite part? Mega Matte Vice Lipstick in shade 714 or as I like to call it, deadly red. This bad boy lasted on my lips through sipping of Bucks Fizz, champagne, a few cocktails and even eating my way through a three course menu. I had to touch it up just before the dancing started, but from 10 in the morning until gone eight in the evening I didn’t have to worry about my lips looking stripped. Lush. I love it!

Hubby and katnapped

The full make-up was £35, which could be used towards products, so the pressed powder and yup, you guessed it, the Vice lipstick found a new home in my bag.

Now all I need is another event to slap some of that ravishingly red lippy on! Something that ends in a ‘day, maybe.

Have you tried Urban Decay cosmetics? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

  • Seems like you had lots of fun! Congrats on your friends wedding!

    • We did hun. It was a great day xx