Friday Feature: beer, wine and beauty treatments: my week in pictures

This has been one busy week; and it’s only Friday! So apologies while I totally bail out on a proper Friday Feature where I normally tell you something super personal or weird or wonderful about myself and just offer you a bunch of images with some inane babble about the things I got up this week, so far.

Healthy food week

Healthy food week

This week I have craved for healthy meals after the truck load of junk food I’ve consumed of late. What you see above is probably the number one perk of marrying a chef. Hubby took my health kick so seriously he went and brought home half the shop and spent two days in the kitchen cooking up a storm. He made sure the fridge was filled with healthy salads, snacks and drinks and he also made a huge pot of super spicy curry and some handmade burgers for the freezer in case I have a hangover or am in need of something heftier. What? I said I was craving for healthy meals, not that I suddenly started abstaining from my favourite drink: booze. Anyway. Thanks hubby!

eye tint

I thought it would be a nice little treat for myself to book an appointment at the Madison Spa in Hoole to have my eyebrows shaped and my eyelashes tinted. Apart from being so darn painful I was pretty happy with the result. I can now hang up the tweezers and mascara and go face the world eau-natural… maybe. We’ll see. I quite like it though. I’ll never book it as a treat again though. No sir-ree.

craft beer

I popped into one of my favourite places in the world, Chester Beer and Wine, and picked up these little babies. Some of them are research for a beer night I’m hosting next week but mostly, they were just for enjoying a tipple. With a salad, I’ll have you know.

date night rage

Hubby and I also had a date night and I caught him inspecting the menus everywhere we went. “In the name of research”, he says, I say “spying on the competition”. I had to gently remind him that he needs to pay attention to me and not every single menu he comes across. “Duly noted”, he said.

date night rage

At first I thought maybe he didn’t get what I meant as he may have bought me a fairly delicious pint of cask ale but he was still trying to peek at the menus on the sly. “I’ll try harder”, he said.

date night

And so he did. This is probably one of the best bottles of pinotage I’ve ever seen the bottom of, hand on heart. I actually fancy some more right now.

And that’s it. This was my week so far.