Friday Feature: Seven items I never leave home without

We all have those trusty old favourites that we carry with us everywhere, come rain or shine. Some random clutter like objects in our bags that we absolutely refuse to leave the house without because if we ever did, the world might end.

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean; it would certainly disrupt my day.

I’m not talking about mobile phones or keys, those things are more a part of our anatomy than external objects we can’t live without (seriously, try to go a whole day without your phone or realising just after you’ve arrived at the office that you’ve locked yourself out of your house; it feels like you’re without a limb) so I’ve only taken into consideration items that would probably ruin my day should they not be found in their usual habitat of my (according to hubby) bottomless bag.

Without further ado, here is a list, in no particular order, of items you will never find me without.

My seven bag essentials

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Powder
I’ve tried several different powders in my time and it pains me that it took me until about a month ago until found this bad boy. It’s so silky and smooth it just gently sits on my skin and never looks caked. The tones are so versatile that even pale northern roses like myself do not need to compromise. I absolutely adore it. I can’t fault the packaging either. I feel like a total bad-ass every time I grab it to touch up my makeup.

UBU powder brush
Even though the UD powder comes with a competent applicator sponge, I swear by this brush. It was a chance find in my local supermarket but once I invested into one, I never looked back. This brush does it all; smooths the powder on my face and rids me of any excess. I feel it’s quicker than any other applicator option either. Best £6 I ever spent.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Makeup Setting Spray
I give myself a little spray in the morning and apply a few more during the day depending how hot, rainy or otherwise makeup-hostile the weather is. I bought this one from my local boots when I was looking for a new primer and realised they had a “buy one, get one half price offer” on to see if it made a difference. It totally does. Rather than caking makeup on my face this beauty sets my look with minimal effort and also keeps it looking fresher for longer. Have a little spritz after a touch-up in the afternoon and you’re golden for several hours again. Boom.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
I have this thing with my lashes that I need a robust brush to properly bring them out. Sure, they’re long and thick but if I try to brush over them with these new fashionable “bobble” type they just turn into clump city. No thanks. This mascara has a great four-way elastic brush that separates, lengthens and brushes just the right amount of colour over my lashes. Top marks. The only minus is that it is so lasting that when it comes to taking it off at night you need to put some elbow grease into it. Not so bad though, knowing that it does last for a very long time.

Owl Wallet
Yes, I know I said that mobiles or keys or essentials like that do not count, and they don’t, but this wallet is special. It doesn’t just hold my cards and cash, it has my life in it. I carry my business cards for my beer tasting business (more on that in a later post) my blogging, my notes from when I’m out and need to remember something, my calendar, my appointment cards… you get the gist. Plus, it is an epitome of the one thing I love almost more than my rubber ducks… owls.

Essence Gel Nail Polish
Forget all the expensive nail polishes you’ve wasted hundreds of pounds before: this is where it’s at. For £1.60 in your local Wilko this cheap but cheerful nail polish is the bomb. It stays put after just two coats like you wouldn’t believe and is shiny, solid and never clumpy. And why do I carry one with me every day? Because I’m a clumsy klutz and sometimes I may at times need to touch my polish up. Invest in one, and thank me later.

I probably don’t need to explain this one. There’s nothing that sooths the pain of waiting for my bus which is at least 10 minutes late on a daily basis than the smooth sounds of John Butler Trio.

Have you favourite items you never leave the house without? Let me know in the comments.

  • I take polish with me everywhere too! People look at me like im weird, but if I chip a nail, I need to fix it!