Five H&M fashion finds under £20

I’m into frugal fashion. I want to look a million bucks but only spend like twenty, and still have change for a pint after an exhaustive shopping spree. So finding these super fancy fashion items in H&M for less than that is pretty awesome. You’re all welcome 😉



Superstretch treggings – £12.99

Treggings  is where it’s at right now kids! And these treggings come in superstretch twill with an elasticated waist, fake pockets at the front and real pockets at the back. They’ve got the leather look I love – they can look totally badass with some killer heels and swanky top or real classy with a sophisticated frilly top. BRING IT.



Off-the-shoulder jumper – £12.99

Who doesn’t love a little off the shoulder action? This rib-knit, off-the-shoulder jumper is da bomb and comes in a soft viscose blend with a sheen, with a V-neck and long sleeves. It can jazz up some skinny jeans or look nice and comfy in slacks. Lovely.



Short velour dress – £19.99

Peter Pan collars are still a thing, right? They should be. I’m kinda loving this short velour dress with a woven collar, short sleeves, an opening with a button at the back of the neck and a seam at the waist. It’s all class and all chic.



Frilled wrap dress – £19.99

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: tea dresses are the best for ladies with curves (like me). So obvs I love this long-sleeved airy dress in a patterned weave. I love the wrapover front with a frill trim. It looks so flattering it’s unreal.



Imitation leather skirt – £17.99

I said I love all this leathery stuff that’s going right now and BOOM, here’s one that I fell in love with straight away. A totally badass short skirt (in imitation leather) with a visible zip at the back and raw-edge hem. Hubba hubba!


Have you got any frugal fashion finds? Hook a girl up!  


  • These are all so cute! I LOVE H&M!!

  • Love these picks! I never heard of treggings! Definitely need to check them out!! H&M always has lovely choices for low prices. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lovely finds from H&M! I don’t normally shop there but the items are indeed lovely! I think they’re perfect for the season as well. Good to know that they’re affordable too!

  • Nice clothes. Unfortunate for me, H&M and my body don’t fit well together. I love to go in the store just to see what they have. I love their clothes on other people.

  • Stephenie

    Cute style, fun article…my daughters love H&M

  • I love h and m sometimes! My faves here are the treggings and the skirt. Good finds.

  • Elizabeth O.

    H&M has a lot of cool items! I love these pieces and I’m sure my daughters will too. It’s nice to save on clothes and still get stylish ones.

  • katrina gehman

    those outfits are so cute. i’m showing my daughter who would love them

  • Love the V-neck sweater. That’s my style there. I would love to have one of those in my closet.

  • Love the black skirt. It’s very cute. You can wear it out clubbing or dress it up for work to. Very nice.

  • I absolutely LOVE online shopping for a frugal fund! A few of my favorite sites are Fashion Nova, CiciHot, and ShopStyle.

  • H & M has great clothes. My daughter loves to shop there. I to sometimes can find something I like. Great store and great items your picked out.

  • I love that off-the-shoulder sweater! So cozy and trendy… and I bet it would look great paired with that leather skirt

  • It is so hard sometimes to find affordable clothing. These are all really nice items,

  • Wow what great finds at H&M. I love the dress the best! I’m a sucker for florals!

  • Dare I say although I know the shop well I have never bought myself anything to wear from here but I may just have to stop and take a closer look next time I go shopping

  • I am in love with the Short Valour Dress and the frilled wrap dress ❤… Must say I have fun shopping at H&M and it is one of my favorite stores ❤…

  • Love the black dress with the Peter Pan collar as well as the tea dress. I promise that I don’t work for them as I’m telling everybody just now but Oasis has a 70% sale on just now with an extra 20% off, I picked up a dress that was £40 down to £8 and a couple of tops too that were less than £10. Since you love a bargain I thought you might be interested xx

  • Nice, I love a good deal. Those treggings and that off the shoulder top are everything!

  • Angela

    So many gorgeous outfits! I’m loving that grey sweater

  • Oh my god, I love that skirt and that sweater. H&M has some great clothes, I think. I live in their basics line, because they fit me so well and have such great colors that match everything.

  • Love these pretty clothes. H&M has so many awesome finds. And its so affordable too.

  • I can’t decide if I love the sweater more or the wrap dress. I guess probably the sweater though, as it’s winter where I live, and I can’t seem to get warm enough lately no matter what I do!

  • Those are not quite my look but would most definitely look awesome on some young ladies that I know. I will let them know. 🙂

  • H&M is one of my favorite brand, they have nice and cheap clothes and other stuff. Great choices, I love more the outfits on the first girl, the superstretch treggings.

  • Great collection! I liked the wrap dress, i could wear it every season.

  • Those treggings are gorgeous! Maybe I should get my own piece too. 🙂

  • Love all the pieces you picked and completely agree with you! And, frilled wrap dress is something I would most likely wear often!
    BS, xx

  • Giiiirl !! The Off the shoulder jumper is cuuute and so cheap!
    This is how I LIKE to shop. I love to look good but I won’t go broke for my wardrobe.
    I feel you on this one
    Great post xo

  • Love love love H&M! love these outfits! thanks for sharing

  • Great style inspirations for my wife! She loves H&M too and I’ll be sure to look out for these style picks when we visit an outlet!

  • What great stuff! I really enjoy H&M. They have the best clothes for decent prices.

  • wow!! I love all the outfits , mm I think I will do some shopping this weekend 🙂

  • Those treggings are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to have a shopping spree after the baby is born. I’ve been trying to avoid to buy any new clothing because I know they’ll be huge for me after I’ve pushed this baby out lol 😀