My favourite autumn trend



You know what I love the most about Autumn? Apart from the pleasant chill in the air, the longer nights, the gold and red colours in nature? Yup, you got it in one: oversized jumpers.


I mean, they hide a multitude of sins, they’re snuggly and warm and… they’re bang on trend at the moment. You do not need to look frumpy in these bad boys, the fashion police will steer well clear from you if you embrace the awesomeness that these bad boys are.


How to style them? I’m glad you asked.



    • My favourite way to wear oversized jumpers is with leggings. Their oversized nature makes them almost like fluffy dresses in training. If the idea of just leggings doesn’t strike you, wear skinny jeans instead.


    • Ankle boots FTW. I’ve talked about the torch I hold for booties before, and it certainly extends to this trend too. Booties work super well with the leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans you should totally wear with these lovelies. Just… wear more booties people. Always wear more booties.


    • You can also wear your oversized jumper over one of your summer dresses, thus helping you make use of your whole wardrobe all year round.


    • Add a scarf and knee-high boots to stay even more cosy and get that boho vibe going. A hat is optional but totally recommended (hats are life, y’all.)


  • Pair a cosy knit sweater with leather or pleather leggings/trousers. These two might be an unexpected match, but they work so well together. The sweater dresses down the leggings, and the leggings dress up the sweater, if you see what I mean. This creates the ultimate balance.


I just wanna have them all already. I’m Autumn ready, y’all. What about you?

  • This Curvy Life

    I am so glad jumper weather is here. I love the nerd one.

  • Perla

    Thank you for the advises on how to style these over sized jumpers. I like the idea of wearing them with my summer dresses, never thought about that.

    • Katja Knox

      It’s crazy right! I never thought of it either until I saw a girl I work with do it – instant hit with me. Looks awesome! xx

  • Oversized jumpers are so snuggly!

  • Jaime Blunier Groleau

    Love the oversized shirts! My fave!

  • Jasmin N

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these jumpers! I need a one that says “I married a nerd” 😀

    • Katja Knox

      I hear you sister – I need one too 😀 xx

  • So far so Sabine

    Yes, great with overknee boots! I have mine from Dior and I have to start wearing them again soon!