Farmers market at the Chester Town Hall

I’ll level with you; I’m a right sucker for a farmers market. I love drifting from stall to stall, probing the local produce on offer. I love tasting locally sourced and produced goods and I love the thrill of discovery when you find something that’s just spot on. I love fiddling the artisan items. I love meeting the people behind the products and I love subjecting the poor folk to the third degree about the ins and out of their stuff (sorry everyone).


Last Saturday I happened along the farmers market at Chester Town Hall, thrown together by Taste Cheshire. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about this one before but a quick google tells me the market is pitched up every third Saturday. Their website promises to bring around 30 Cheshire based companies for our perusing pleasure but last Saturday, when I attended, I didn’t think there were that many, which is a downright shame.  But hey, it’s quality over quantity, am I right?





I got to taste some spectacular South African sauces from Chester based Big 5, who also do catering if you’re ever in need for a hog roast with a difference. The Zingy BBQ Sauce is their own version of the famous South African Monkey Gland Sauce (they promised me the sauce contains neither monkeys nor glands) which is served in steak houses throughout southern Africa. It’s proper sweet and tangy and would get a thumbs up from any self-respecting BBQ sauce connoisseur like myself. I also tried their curry sauces which packed a punch like whoa.





Polkadot Bakery were also representing, and I was lucky enough to grab a few of their cupcakes. These bad boys sell like hotcakes (see what I did there) so usually if you’re coming in late you’ll go without. Their salted caramel brownies are the stuff of legends and don’t even get me started on their cakes! If you haven’t tried their coffee and walnut cake you haven’t lived.





Before dashing off I happened about Grandma’s Chutneys and their chilli pepper chutney is proper lush. Obviously I had to try their whole range (it would be rude not to, right) and whereas I doubt my grandma ever made anything as spicy and spectacular as the chilli pepper or the onion and sultana chutneys I tried this grandma totally rocked it. Pretty hefty, that.





Have you popped to the farmers market at the Town Hall? Tell me all about it, pronto.



  • I love farmers markets! The olives and curry sauces in your pictures look delicious 🙂

    • They were too 🙂 Thanks hun xx

  • We don’t really have farmers markets near me which is a shame 🙁 but oh goodness those cupcakes, macrons and sweet things made me salivate =^.^=

    • They were pretty amazing to be honest. Farmers Markets are totally worth a bit of a trek hun, if there’s any in your immediate vicinity. Hope you’ll find one xx

  • I love exploring food markets.Yayness you tried sauces from South Africa.Yeah our flavours are pretty intense.

    • Very intense but oh so tasty

  • I’ve never been to a farmers market- it seems like an experience I’m missing out on! I love your photos for this post, it all looks to colourful, cultural and exciting!

    • You should! It’s a lovely way to get a taste of your local produce. But be warned, these things are addictive

  • Jasmin N

    I used to love going to farmers markets but somehow I lost completely the time to go there nowadays. I guess I’ll someday get the time to take my belongings and go 😀

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    • You totally should when you’ve got the time, I can easily lose a whole day in one of these xxx

  • Oh wow – this looks lovely! Im a sucker for farmers markets too. The Big 5 sauces look delicious 🙂

    • They were pretty lovely to be honest – I know where to go when the BBQ weather is upon us again xxx