Exclusive: Hoole shortlisted for Great British Highstreet Awards



Hear ye, hear ye, peoples of Hoole. Your High Street has once again been shortlisted in the Local Centre category of the Great British High Streets Awards. The coveted crown of being the best in Britain is again within your grasp, thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers working with tireless devotion to put your neck of the woods on the map.


Last year, Hoole was in the running for the Great British High Street award, and boy, was it a close call. No, it’s not just sour grapes. The Nottinghoole team impressed the judges in such a fashion they created a new, special category for the Hoolites to celebrate the immense effort they had put in and to commemorate the community spirit they had created. Not too shabby for a first attempt at glory, and one the team want to triumph over this year!


Mark Williams from the Nottinghoole team said: “As Hoole has been short listed again I am immensely proud that Hoole is rightly recognised for the fabulous efforts of the community, traders and the hard working team of volunteers that believe in their high street.”


Too right, Mark. The whole community has come together to celebrate what makes Hoole so special: the people, the diversity, the community spirit, the moxy. So unsurprisingly, this year the Nottinghoole team and the locals are working even harder to get their grabby hands on the award.


Linda Hobbs (Nottinghoole Secretary) said; “I am beaming with pride to see the spirit of Hoole shining through once again. I hope we are able to take our High Streets through the competition to their rightful place as the Best High Street in Britain.”


This year Hoole has already had two sassy street festivals and a banging summer BBQ, and the events don’t stop there. Hooligans have a Halloween movie night and the Christmas Light Switch-on to look forward to, to name a few. The events just keep on coming and the community just keeps on supporting them. It’s a blessed state of affairs.


“I am so proud of our team and everyone in Hoole.” Said Sue Mason, Chair of the Nottinghoole team. “The team and volunteers have worked so hard for two years supporting us and our events. The collaboration of business and community is unique and is going from strength to strength.”


The Great British High Street supports those working to revive, adapt and diversify high streets. Not for profit and government funded, they aim to provide resources for high street regeneration and celebrate innovative work going on in high streets across Britain.


Sam Jackson, of Nottinghoole, said: “Being shortlisted for the second year running in the GB High Street awards is a fantastic pat on the back, not just for the Nottinghoole Team, but for every business and resident and fan of Hoole who has helped us get this far. Onwards and upwards! Together we can do it!”


To be fair, Sam is quite justified in her enthusiasm. Being shortlisted this year is a rather huge achievement with a record 900 high streets entering the first stages of the competition.


Darren Lea from the Faulkner is also aboard the love-train: “The continued support from the local community and dedication of the other members of the team continues to surprise and astonish me and really makes all of the hard work and dedication worth while,” he said. “On a personal note, since winning the best newcomer last year I have seen a real path of change taking firm roots and by being shortlisted this year would only increase the popularity and desirability of our amazing diverse and eclectic high street.”


But it was Chris Matheson, MP for City of Chester who summed it all up in such a fashion nothing else really needs to be said: “This is a big deal for me, it is a big deal for Hoole and Chester but for the team running the Hoole bid you just know they’ll take it all in their stride – and we will all have great fun as they do it!”


Give yourself that pat on the back, Hoole. And then go and get that top spot you so deserve.




To show your support use #Hoolelife and #GBHighSt in your social media and vote every day for Hoole in the local centre category HERE.

  • This is great! There are several Hoole named roads in Sheffield… funny how names get about.
    Well if you win the award for best High Street, I will have to make an effort to visit – especially seeing as my grandparents live just up the road (figuratively speaking) from you!

    Great to meet you – will keep an eye out for you 🙂

    Love Becca x
    Mental health & lifestyle blogger

    • Aww hun a visit to Hoole is always a super idea. If you do visit make me sure you let me know and I’ll give you a tour ☺ xxx