5 Christmas presents I almost gave my husband

Are you stuck for some festive ideas? I know I am. Usually at this time of the year I am trying to hunt down the most thoughtful presents known to man, because every year hubby gets me a present that makes me cry out of sheer happiness. Case and point: last year he got me a vinyl record that had all the songs from our wedding on it and our wedding photos as the covers. Who even thinks of something like that? So in order for me to not feel like an un-romantic and thoughtless ogre, every year I go on a bender trying to find something that gives him the same reaction. Don’t judge me.


This year, on account of us moving right after the new year, we decided that instead of giving each other a load of presents and adding to the amount of stuff we need to move to a different address (and spending money we could save for the move) we’d just give each other one present, and we’d each get to decide what that present would be. Which sucks because I had all these amazing ideas for presents that screamed “I LOVE YOU” and were certain tear jerkers. So, instead of giving them to hubby I’m giving you the gift of some totally awesome Christmas present ideas. You’re welcome.




1. Personalised star charts from Bookishly – £38

I saw something similar on telly not very long ago and it tug on my heart strings immediately. You can set a date and a place and these guys will print out the solar system as it would have been at that exact time, in that exact place. Like, I would choose the date hubby and I first met or our wedding day. I know, how adorable, right? If this doesn’t give your loved one Goosebumps, nothing will.




2. Very British Problems game set from John Lewis – £18

If you’re not following Very British Problems of twitter you haven’t lived! Well, OK, you probably have but what I am trying to say is that if you’re British (like hubby, who loves these guys) you will identify with 99% of their tweets and if you’re not British (like me) you’ll know someone who identifies with the tweets. And now the tweets (and the subsequent TV show) are also a hilarious board game.




3. Personalised whisky barrel from 3 Blond Bears – £50

So I have mentioned how hubby and I have recently fallen for the charms of whisky, thanks to our visits to Scotland? OK. What would be nicer, then, than something that not only helps you store your whisky with style but also allows you to oak age your own? Nothing, that’s what! Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and you’ll be able to celebrate your alcoholic achievement with a glass of your very own home-aged whiskey, which means that technically we could have had some before New Year’s Eve.




4. Smartphone projector from FireBox – £19.99

OK so this is what I thought: I’d make a cutesy little video about hubby and I and then send it to him on Christmas Day before he opens his present and then he could play it on the wall of our living room and BOOM, “OMG Kat this is the best present in the universe and the projector looks amazing too thank you so much”. Also, hubby is obsessed with some YouTube channels right now and I thought that would have been awesome for him too. But no, we’ll get each other boring presents that we actually want. OK then. ☹




5. Metallic personalised “Favourite Song” sound wave print from House of Yve – £30

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned but hubby is not only a talented chef, but also a damn talented guitarist. But seeing I know nothing about music gear, and we already have far too many stringed instruments in the house (guitars, violins, you know, the usual) I thought I’d get him something else music related. I would have chosen either the song hubby always plays me when I am sad (John Butler Trio’s Ocean, no one can be sad when they listen to that song) or the song I walked down the aisle to (Apocalyptica’s Nothing Else Matters) or something along those lines. But it would have been super romantic, for sure!


Let’s talk Christmas shopping in the comments guys ❤❤❤


  • Those ideas are great!! It’s always so for me to find the perfect holiday gift!

    I like number 5 a lot! My boyfriend is a Dj/producer so this looks like a perfect present for him!!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing ,


  • Maikel

    These are really cool gift ideas!

  • Its so hard to buy for the guys, these are great ideas!

  • Jasmin N

    That print is an absolutely amazing idea ! 🙂 Gosh, because this will be our last Christmas when there’s only two of us, we decided to go all over the spending wagon & I honestly can’t wait for Christmas day haha 😀

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Never heard of any of these before!
    My husband is the hardest person to buy for – thanks for this list 🙂

  • Wow. You are lucky to have such a man by your side. And yeah he is lucky to have you too.
    Those ideas are great. It will help me to find something for my bf.
    Great great post dear!

  • These gift ideas are so original! I am not at all busy with Christmas yet, just trying to find some cool fashion items for the fall / winter season and I’ll be hunting the best Black Friday deals of course!

  • These are really sweet gift ideas! Now off to see what that board games all about…

  • these ideas are super cute and would be perfect gifts for the man in your life 🙂 I especially love the song sound wave print and the personalised star chart =^.^=

  • Please don’t show Tim this post because I’m definitely stealing some of these!


  • I love them all! Great ideas :)!

  • These are really cool and unique gifts! I haven’t even started shopping yet!

  • This sound wave print is everything! I literally love each and every present you’ve picked up! And I can’t wait to get my Christmas presents already :))

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com