Your best last minute Christmas presents

It’s 8 days till Christmas, and I am in full blown Crimbo panic. I still have pressies to get, and even though I’m in a hurry, I’d like them to be super thoughtful and meaningful and all that jazz. I was just about to start hyperventilating with stress but then came across THIS site where I can still order personalised, beautiful things that are made by small businesses and will arrive well before Christmas day. I’ll look like a total boss this Christmas and no one will ever know I left it all until the last minute.


You struggling with the same problem? I’ve listed my finds here. You’re welcome!



Personalised Map Of The Stars – £59

I saw something similar on telly not very long ago and it tug on my heart strings immediately. You can set a date and a place and these guys will print out the solar system as it would have been at that exact time, in that exact place. Like, I would choose the date hubby and I first met or our wedding day. I know, how adorable, right? If this doesn’t give your loved one Goosebumps, nothing will.



Personalised Take What You Need Tokens – £10

Some of my friends and loved ones have been going through some really heavy shit lately and you know how you feel really helpless when there’s literally nothing you can do to make it better for them? I’ve felt like that a lot lately. I wanted to give my loved ones something that would constantly remind them that I love them, but would also remind them to take care of themselves. Cue these little tokens that are like mindfulness in a bag! They can choose from what they need that day (strength, belief, courage, love) and carry the little token with them as a gentle reminder to take care of their minds and hearts. It’s so simple but so effective.



‘Random Notes Of Appreciation’ Notecards – £7.95

You’ve all hear of random acts of kindness or being kind recklessly – and if you haven’t, you should go Google it right now because your head will literally explode with the awesomeness of it all. Anyway. I love these little cards because they literally fir into any small bag and you can carry them with you anywhere and keep filling them in at all times. I’m old fashioned in the way that I still think that putting pen to paper means so much more than a text or a comment on a photo. These little cards are a physical way to brighten someone’s day – whether you want to cheer them up or thank them. Let’s spread some spontaneous appreciation!



Metallic personalised “Favourite Song” sound wave print – £30

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned but hubby is not only a talented chef, but also a damn talented guitarist. But seeing I know nothing about music gear, and we already have far too many stringed instruments in the house (guitars, violins, you know, the usual) I thought I’d get him something else music related. I would have chosen either the song hubby always plays me when I am sad (John Butler Trio’s Ocean, no one can be sad when they listen to that song) or the song I walked down the aisle to (Apocalyptica’s Nothing Else Matters) or something along those lines. But it would have been super romantic, for sure!



Personalised Typographic Story Of Us Print – £30

A lot of my friends got married, engaged or just, well, together this year, and I thought this would be the perfect way to show them that I paid attention – this present tells their story in a gorgeous typographic print, probably the perfect gift for weddings and anniversaries, am I right? It’s pretty customisable and there’s endless opportunities to make it really damn funny too.



Personalised ’10 Things I Love…’ Message Box – £20

I can pretty easily pick 10 things I love about hubby. I think he probably could pick one or two. Point is, this pressie is totally customisable and they’ll print your words and thoughts on unique cards, kept in a sleek and stylish keepsake box. Kinda cute, huh?


Let’s talk Christmas shopping in the comments guys ❤❤❤