Is this the best hairdresser in Chester?

Honey, you know a good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold and when you find one, you hold on to them for dear (hair) life. I found my hairdresser almost two years ago and ever since (hair) destiny brought us together, I have refused to let anyone else even approach my hair with utensils with which to cut it.



Meet Josh, my (hair) hero, who always rescues the terrible mop my hair becomes in-between visits and always makes me so excited about what my mane can become. He genuinely makes me feel like a fierce queen with hair to die for. Let me show you.



Recently Josh relocated to Jason Lea hairdressing group, down on Lower Bridge Street in Chester, and last weekend was the first time I’d ever set foot in there. Not really because I had intentionally avoided popping over there, it’s just that my hairdresser wasn’t there. So, anyway. It was a new experience for me but I knew I was in good hands.



Jason Lea is a rather lovely place to get your hair done, mind you. It’s really open and bright and there’s plenty of room to get comfortable – and they serve their clients prosecco while they get their hair done. Now honey, you know I am a fiend when it comes to them bubbles so this little extra gets a massive tick onto my PROS list.



Anyway. I went in with a wilted, yellowed blonde hair that had pretty much no shape to it (it’s my own fault – I haven’t had my hair cut since January and haven’t really looked after it or the colour. Boo, me!) and man, did it need attention. Desperately. Josh and I talked through some gorgeous colours and decided on a pearly blonde on the top and some cherry pink on the lower layers to give it lift and some sass. I asked about a fringe and he told me to GTFO – okay, I’m exaggerating but what I mean is that Josh doesn’t give you bad cut advice. If you suggest something he genuinely thinks would look terrible, he will tell you. And I appreciate that kind of honesty and integrity.



So we didn’t cut me a fringe. But we gave me a killer bob that makes me look so hot you should call the fire station when I come around. For reals.



But I digress. First we made me look like a cute little poodle by giving my roots the bleaching treatment. It was foils all the way because it’s gentler on my hair and also – well, I got to try the high-tech merch downstairs. Gone are the days when you sat underneath what looked like an oversized space helmet, now there’s this awesome heater that circles around your head making sure every strand of hair is evenly affected. But I’ll be honest guys, I was dreading SkyNet to take over as the machine circled around my head like a hungry carnivore beast – but that might have been the prosecco talking. Prosecco makes me go all kinds of funny (drunk).



But it was so worth it. I mean have you seen my hair? It looks the bomb, y’all. I’m so happy with it. And I am so happy with the salon, too. They’ve got some proper talent lurking there and the colours they stock? Fierce!



If you want to find your own best hair, you can always get in touch with them HERE, and if you ask for Josh, I promise you won’t ever look back. You’re welcome.


Any compliments on my heavenly hair can go in the comments, guys. Ta very much 😉

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  • Winty Winterson

    Beautiful!!! I love Joshua! Looking forward to my trip to Jason Lee next month! You’re right, a good hairdresser is gold dust! xx

    • Katja Knox

      Oh 100% girl. Everyone needs a Josh of their own. Enjoy your visit next month and sure you report back with photos 🙂 xx