Is this the best brunch in Glasgow?

Have I ever told you brunch is my favourite meal of the day? That’s because it’s nestled neatly between breakfast (which always seems too early) and lunch (which is too late to start the day with) and because it’s perfectly acceptable, if not even encouraged to have some booze with your grub.



So it’s probably not at all surprising that when hubby and I popped to Glasgow last weekend we were on the hunt for the best brunch in the city. One that would serve the meanest of Bloody Marys to cure what ailed us from the night before.



And if twitter tells you that the best menu and best Bloody Marys are served in the Wilson Street Pantry, who am I to argue?



I hear that big queues to a place are generally frowned upon, but to me they’ve always spelled “this place must be awesome and most likely worth waiting for” so when we had to wait around for a while before being seated I wasn’t that bothered. I mean, obviously the food has to be pretty popping to make so many people wanna hang around.



And I was right. Not only do they take pity on you when you confess your head is still a bit sore from all the beer last night and whisk you up a mighty spicy Bloody Mary (I asked for it “spicy as hell” and they definitely delivered) they also give you some sound advice on how to navigate the menu for the best hangover cures.



I’m sure I’ve raved about my undying love towards Eggs Benedict to so points for anyone guessing that was my chosen brunch dish, but hubby went off-menu and snapped up the special of the day; chilli, smashed peas, hot sauce, feta, poached eggs, bacon and black pudding on sour dough bread.



If it sounds like a lot – it was. But it was also glorious. Sure, their food is super instagrammable, but it’s also tasty AF. They’re not shy on their portion sizes and everything is delivered fresh, hot, and cooked to perfection. Poachy eggies were runny as anything and the black pudding crispy on the outside and soft and cuddly in the middle. Yaas.



I mean sure, it’s busy as hell, it’s filled with noise from people enjoying themselves and the kitchen working overtime, there’s a lot of stuff going on all the time and if you’re looking for a place to sit quietly and grumpily this is not the place for you. But if you’re hungry for some glorious grub, killer cocktails and superbly friendly staff – you should probably go already.



Thank you twitter people for the shout-out. Next time we’re in Glasgow we’re definitely stopping by again. Here’s to counting down the days…


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  • Hannah

    Sounds like a pretty decent place to visit!


  • This Curvy Life

    Looks super delicious. I love brunch it is my favorite meal!

  • Zana

    Everything looks so so yummy! Delicous!! I think I’m hungry now. 😀 Brunch is always a great idea, right? 🙂

  • WOW! I love when the social meedz comes through with a pitch-perfect recommendation. Brunch is the best!!!

  • Lara Oliveira

    Looks fantastic! I am obsessed with Bloody Mary’s too 😛 x

  • Jasmin N

    That brunch is to die for! Saw a picture on your instagram and instantly got hungry haha. Sounds as amazing as it looks too 🙂

  • YES – this post is a little bit of me. Brunch is my favourite meal of the day and those poached eggies look divine! Any meal where it’s virtually compulsory to pair a Mary or a Mimosa is fine by me! 🙂 Charlie xo

    • Katja Knox

      Oh 100%! Brunch without a Mary or a Mimosa just wouldn’t be the same. Xx