Beer Without Fear March

Beer Without Fear is a clever concept. It’s a monthly beer tasting  in the Cellar Bar which aims to serve you the most bonkers, insane and intense beers from around the world in 6 tries. Two judges go head to head presenting 3 beer each and in the end the beer tasters vote for their favourite. Simple? Yes, unless you’re 6 beers down the road. Which you will be.


Lucky there’s always a half time of food. And the food is always amazing (because 9 times out of 10 it’s a billion different cheeses and chili. Aki makes amazing chili. Drool) and there’s loads of it. Might as well, it needs to soak up a lot of beer.



Anyway – this is what we had this time around:



Beer no. 1: Marble Brewery– Into the Void. 7.6% imperial pilsner. Strangely sweet affair. I have to admit, I did not like this too much. I just don’t get imperial pilsners. Maybe I’m not hip and cool enough. First ever Marble beer I don’t agree with. Shocking.



Beer No. 2: BrewDog Born to Die. 9.5% of badassery. This IPA is savagely bitter and it hits you in the gut like you wouldn’t believe. I’m disillusioned by BrewDog but I still have tastebuds. Whoa.



Beer No. 3: Buxton & Stillwater’s collaboration; Superluminal Sour IPA. 7% Softly sour delight. I usually like my sours quite dry but this baby stole my heart.



Beer No. 4: Buxton & Stillwater’s collaboration; Subliminal Imperial Stout. 10% of treacle treats. Divine. Oh my days. I could not have enough of this. I know it’s dangerous because of the ABV but I don’t care. Gime gimme gimme.



Beer No. 5: Mikkeller and Lervig Aktiebryggeri collaboration Pop That Cherry 6.5% tart awesomeness. I mean seriously. This bad boy is what dreams are made of. Best beer of the night by a mile (notice: not a kilometre) (none of that European jargon here) (no Sir-ree)



Beer No. 6: Wild Beer Billionaire. A 10% decadent delight. I’ve had this beauty before and let me tell you: it’s like pudding. In fact, I would have this as my pudding. In fact, I have had this as my pudding. It’s caramel and chocolate and all things nice.


Whatcha thing guys? Fancy a few bevvies?


  • Sounds like an awesome evening and looks even better 🙂

  • This game seems a load of fun, if you like beer. I would prefer if it was some kind of juice, but my brother would love this!
    BS, xx

  • Maikel

    This is such a great concept! The snacks look so delicious. They are instantly making me hungry

  • This looks like such a fun experience! Not gonna lie, that plate of cheese definitely attracted me a bit more than the beer though, hehe 🙂

  • This looks, sounds, and without a doubt tastes like a great evening. Makes me want to have a beer and chilli right about now.

  • Rhiannon Howard

    Sounds like something my partner would love to do is be a beer taster even just the once as he loves his beer and she

  • Oh that sounds like a fun tasting! If I was into beer I’d definitely want to try this out haha 🙂
    I like how enthusiastic you are 🙂