Battle for the craft beer crown: UK vs US










I know I keep banging on about these beer tastings I host in Chester Beer & Wine, but man, last night kind of blew it out of the water. When I first jumped on the craft beer bandwagon what feels like a lifetime ago, the biggest and boldest and most outrageous beers came from America. Having said that, the UK quickly followed suit and now if I had to choose who makes the best craft beers… I could not tell you. So, I asked some beer lovers to decide instead.


May I present: The battle for the craft beer crown, UK VS US:



US: Green flash: Sea to sea – 4%

California based brewery. Unclarified beer, has a light body with subtle sweet German malt and fruity hop flavours, notable German lager yeast, and a crisp, clean finish.

UK: Thornbridge: Lukas – 4.2%

Brewery is in Bakewell. Lukas is a crisp Bavarian-style Helles lager, brewed using only Bavarian ingredients. Balanced bitterness and crisp, grassy finish. 



US: Westbrook: One Claw – 5.5%

South Carolina based brewery. Beer has refreshing citrus fruit from hops, a heavy handful of malted rye bringing slight peppery notes. Well balanced bitterness.

UK: Tiny rebel: Cwtch – 4.6%

Brewery based in Newport, Wales. The beer has a complex rye and malt base which compliments its big hop flavours. Hints of citrus from the hops. This been won Champion Beer of Britain in 2015.



US: Stone Brewery: Ruination – 8.5%

California based brewery. Hopped and then dry hopped to high heavens, this DIPA has piney, citrusy, tropical flavours.

UK: Buxton: Nth cloud – 8.2%

Buxton based brewery. This DIPA is sharp and intensely bitter, with full, malty, long lasting bitter aftertaste.



US: Brooklyn: Chocolate stout 10%

As the name, brewery is based in Brooklyn, New York City. The stout has robust, deep dark chocolate flavour which comes from a blend of specialty roasted malts.

UK: Wild beer: Millionaire – 4.7%

Brewery based in Shepton Mallet. The beer has flavours of caramel, cocoa and lactose which give the stout it’s almost sickly sweetness, whilst the Cornish Sea Salts gives a savoury salty kick for balance.


In a surprise twist in the end, there was a tie! The score board was fixed on 2-2, UK winning the race on lagers and stouts, and US boasting the best ryes and DIPA’s. Even a room full of beer lovers from both sides of the big pond could not decide who makes then best beers! The beer of the night for the vast majority was the Ruination, so I suppose we could say that the US gone done and won it.


Or we could just do it all over again. You know, for science 😉


Have you tried these beats of a beer? Tell me about your favourite brews in the comments!

  • I don’t drink beer but got to say the chocolate stout sounds interesting 🙂

  • I love the design of the westbrook beer! hihii
    xo, Margot

  • What a great post. I have actually never tried UK beer but even as a German who is used to much stronger sorts of beer, I do enjoy the American ones. Especially because the US seems to enjoy experimenting and putting together the weirdest combinations of flavours!

  • I used to love beer, but lately… not so much. Last week I went to Germany and I had to force myself to try out their famous local beer. The cold season might be to blame, maybe? I think a beer is always much more enjoyable in the summer 🙂

    Elena |

  • I’m not a beer drinker at all (vodka is my tipple ) but a lot of my friends are into their craft beer particularly made by BrewDog which is produced in my town. Not sure if you have tried any of theirs before? I totally agree you should do it all again for scientific purposes of course xx

    The Life of Dee

  • I am not such a beer fun but my granny is. Try to picture the look at my granny’s face when my mother brings here beer. True happiness. Maybe when day I feel the same as she, but for now, I stick with apple juice.

  • Jasmin N

    Wow there’s so many of them! I didn’t even have a clue 😀 mostly because here in Finland they sell mostly finnish beers & I’m not a fan of beer haha 😀

    ~ Jasmin N

  • So many different types! I wish that I could get into beer.

  • Not a beer lover, not my type of drink, but this is pretty interesting post xo

  • Ron

    I haven’t been much of a beer drinker lately but I would love to try these beers you listed. I have had some interest in craft beer especially after living in Portland, Oregon for a year. I’m also visiting the UK next year, so I hope I find these craft beers there.

    Great posts!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  • Such an interesting read! I personally do not like bear – whoops XD but I always love the bottles! Same as with these crafts beer bottles, it’s so fun to see that every bottle has their own style!