Banging burritos with Mama K

If you’re like me, you might think Mama K is a new kid on the block in Chester. But I, and you, would be wrong. I could’ve, and should’ve come across Mama K’s burritos at one of the many festivals or other events they’ve attended around here, but I didn’t and it’s a downright shame.


Anyway. I came across them on Deliveroo this one night hubby and I were looking for some late night nosh and neither of us could be bothered to cook. It was a hard choice to be fair, the Chester region has loads of great grub on offer for those too indolent to go and get it by themselves but in the end, it was the Chipotle Queso, a spicy cheese dip that sealed the deal. I mean, who doesn’t have dreams of a blend of three cheeses, Chipotle chilli, onions, tomatoes, fresh chilli and some seasoning.



Besides, I prefer spending my money in independent traders rather than great big chains where those who actually make my nosh don’t really get to see any of it.


So, here’s the deal. You get to have your burrito “your way”, meaning you choose all the fillings going into it. You pick your meat (Chipotle Pulled Pork, Garlic Lime Chicken, Chilli Beef, Garlic Lime Chicken) or go for a veggie option (tortilla filled with your choice of rice, beans, peppers and onions, queso, guacamole, salsa and so on) and then you load on whatever else you fancy, like Coriander Lime Rice, Guacamole, different types of cheese, salad, cheese, beans, the lot.



We ordered two Chipotle Pulled Pork tortillas with coriander lime rice, pinto beans, peppers, salad, onions, salsa, smokey cheese and Guacamole. And obviously, Chipotle Queso cheese dip sauce and Chilli Cheese Cornbread. Total bill for the food, including deliveroo delivery charge, was £22.50.


First and foremost, what you need to understand is that Mama K does not do anything in halves. The portions are huge. The enormous tortillas are filled to almost bursting point and the fillings themselves… oh my days. They are delicious. The pork is so tender ad well spiced, the salsa is juicy and tasty, the cheese – well, it’s cheese and it’s awesome. I would recommend cutting your burrito in half before attempting to conquer it. I had to take a break in between and trust me, I can put food away like it’s nobody’s business.



The cornbread was also awesome and came with little pouches of honey and butter.


But the best thing ever was the Chipotle Queso cheese dip sauce. I wanted to fight hubby for it. Good job we got a large pot of it. There was none left.



Oh, in case you’re watching the calories, you can get the burritos in salad bowl form as well, which I suppose is the healthier option. But you know what? Calories don’t exist in burritos. Honest. So just go for a burrito. Seriously.


All in all, with Mama K you get a quick delivery (they aim for half an hour), it’s bang on the buck (you get loads with your ££) and it’s blooming marvellous. That’s all you need to know. Now go and order some, via Deliveroo or on their own website.


  • My hubby loves Mexican food so I may have to take a whack at these! From the pictures it looks delicious!

  • OMG yum!!! Who has time to watch calories when you can be eating this Mexican goodness instead?! I’m so hungry from reading this lol

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    Kintan xox/

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  • Nay

    I love Mexican food and that looks so delicious. Good sized portions too.

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  • Elizabeth O.

    It sounds like an awesome joint for some Mexican food. I love that the serving is huge. It’s really worth it.

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