April Hoole Street Festival

Photo by: Idreamofpiesphotos


Last year I wrote about the Hoole May Day Street Festival taking over the main shopping streets of the now somewhat famous suburb in Chester, and this year they did it again. It was bigger, bolder, louder and some might even say, better than its predecessor.



The team behind what is undoubtedly now an annual event is NottingHoole, a group of volunteers who’s MO is to put Hoole on the map. Which they have done, by bringing home the top spot in the Great British high Street Awards and by throwing one great bash after another for the residents (and those further afield as well).



Like last year, there were stalls as far as the eye could see filled with great crafts, fabulous food, quirky décor, fashion, art… the list goes on. This year there were more pop-up bars and through that, more seating, which kind of was required, due to the many pop-up bars. There were live bands, busking artists and room to shake yer booty to the tunes as well. So you were spoiled rotten with things to see, do, and most importantly, stuff your belly with.


Photo by Linda Hobbs


But what was best about the festival, was the atmosphere. The sun was shining (despite the brisk wind) and everyone was wearing their party pants. Not a sour face in sight, and if there was, that frown was quickly turned upside down by the merry folk wandering around the streets in search of a jolly old time. I know it was a “Hoole festival”, but it wasn’t just for Hoolites and Hooligans, from what I saw, the whole of Chester was taking part in the shenanigans. And that’s what it’s about: inclusion, not exclusion. That’s what builds communities.



The highlight of my festival, though, was a burrito from Mama K. Damn those folks can make a mean meal. It’s like a little piece of heaven wrapped in a tortilla. Nom.


I hear wild rumours that the next street festival is in September. If you didn’t make this one, you should totally head to Hoole then. It’s a blast, I tells ya.

  • Oh, street festivals are my favorite festivals, not only because they are so much fun but I do enjoy the delicious food street. They “feed” you all the way with that wonderful smell you cannot resist to. And there are the handcrafted unique things, I almost always end up buying something (which I don’t really need).

  • I love a good street fest, mainly for the food, and it looks like this one was great.
    xx A

  • I love these street festivals. They are so much fun and I get to buy so many unique things, especially love the handcrafted ones. And the food is always so delicious!


  • That burrito would have def been my highlight too, lol 🙂

  • Nice…looks like everything was covered…I see people having a haircut too

  • Wow! That looks like a very fun street festival! 😀 If only I lived there, but I’m from the Philippines. I hope there would be such events here soon! Thank you for sharing 🙂