Anniversary weekend in Edinburgh

Last Sunday it was exactly a year since hubby and I got hitched. So that obviously was as good of an excuse as any to hop into our Toyota Starlet named Gandalf (cos he’s grey, geddit?) and drive 4 and some hours North, to Edinburgh, to celebrate our year-old nuptials.


We stayed in this absolutely adorable little Guest House just 20 minute stroll away from the city centre. On account of it being our anniversary weekend we wanted more from the room than just a bed to crash into after a long day adventuring, and Allison House ticked all the boxes; independently ran, boutique-style rooms, beautiful location and a massive garden at the back. Obviously, parking was a bonus and we got that too. Huzzah!





Other people had the same idea and we managed to grab the last available room when we booked. So we ended up booking the family room for £186 for two nights and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. It may not have had a great big bathroom but everything else about the room was massive: the bed, the selection of teas and coffees (it’s important OK), the window, the space in the room, the lot. Man I am in love with this room and next time we’re in Edinburgh we’re totally hitting them up again.





Also, check out my fabulous boots. Check them out and love them.









So Saturday morning we wandered down to the city centre for breakfast and hubby found this amazing little café just around the corner from the Royal Mile. Edinburgh Larder deliver a seasonal menu with local, honest ingredients, and boy, is it delicious. It’s best to get here early if you want to eat though, we were there before 10am and still had to queue for a while before we managed to join the end of an otherwise filled table. Everyone, staff and punters alike, are super friendly though it really is no bother. Also, the food is totally worth waiting for.





After brekkie we trekked up the Royal Mile to the Edinburgh Castle, but by just gone 11am the queues were so massive we decided that instead of waiting for half a day for tickets, we’d just marvel the castle from outside, catch some fancy views from it and move on.







We popped our heads into the St Giles’ Cathedral, which has the principal spot on the Royal Mile. I absolutely love cathedrals, because they are these fantastic historical buildings that at the time of construction represented the height of technological advancements. People also threw money at them like crazy so they’re always super impressive. St Giles’ is no exception. The stone carvings and the glass windows are just breath-taking.





And then we had some beer and decided that we also wanted some whiskey.




Now, honestly, if you don’t try whiskey while in Edinburgh you may as well not bother going. You don’t have to like it, but it’s such an integral part of the fabric of Scotland you really have to give it a whirl. I ended up loving the stuff once I gave it a go last year in Glasgow and never looked back.


So we booked ourselves into the Scotch Whiskey Experience which is literally down the road from the road from the castle. Their Silver Ticket is £10 which entitles you to a whisky barrel ride through the production of Scotch whisky, unlimited ogling of the largest collection of Scotch whisky, 2 tasters of whiskey at the bar and a crystal whisky tasting glass to take home. After the tour we were in the know of the ways of the whiskey and we ended up spending more time marvelling the super impressive whiskey collection than actually drinking it.






We were all warm and fuzzy on the inside after our tour in the Whiskey Experience so we wanted to get some gruesome history under our belts. Both of us had blissfully forgotten it was the eve of Halloween and most of the ghost tours were booked up (sob sob). So we decided to have some age-appropriate fun and got us some tickets to the Edinburgh Dungeons. Obviously, they don’t allow photos to be taken there and I really don’t want to spoil the story but even us 30-somethings got our spines chilled during our visit, so it was definitely worth a visit. The actors were great and the effects were fab. So much scary love from us.




At this point we were blooming starving so we headed to Stac Polly, a restaurant Google recommended for us for local cuisine. The restaurant is a little walk away from the Old Town but it is quite worth the trek. On the top floor, on street level, there’s a wine and gin bar, and the restaurant actually is in the cellar of the building; a labyrinth of rough stone wall cellars and flickering candles. Totally romantic, like.









The vibe is very smooth and chilled and menu is pretty phenomenal too. Hubby started with pan-fried wood pigeon breast and as a fan of the traditional Scottish staple, the baked filo pastry parcels of haggis with a homemade sweet plum and red wine sauce was calling my name. We flushed these down with some whiskey that the staff recommended, smoky and peaty as you like. For mains hubby’s plate was overflowing with Shetland salmon fillet and a leek, herb and seaweed salt risotto and mine with prime Scottish fillet of beef, fondant potato and some Stornoway black pudding. The portions were so huge we had no room for desserts, but that’s by no means a criticism.




After stuffing our faces we were so tired we only managed to potter across to the other side of town to enjoy a quick schooner of Elvis Juice in the local Brewdog establishment. Sure, we were so tired at this point that it was just sheer stubbornness that we refused to not pop into the pub – and obviously it had to be Brewdog. Our beer geek ego would have suffered a dent otherwise.




Then one Uber ride later we were back at the Guest House, where the staff had left us an anniversary surprise. Aww you guys! 🙂








In the morning before we embarked on our gruelling drive home we popped over to Loudons for brekkie. One portion of pancakes with baked banana and bacon doused with maple syrup and English muffin with avocado, bacon and poached eggs topped with Cajun hollandaise sauce and spiced crayfish later we were ready to drive home (via Glasgow, to see friends, but that’s another story.)


Happy anniversary to us. Thank you Edinburgh, you’ve been awesome.


Have you had an Edinburgh adventure? Tell me all about it in the comments.


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