Aloha from the Sandy Box!

The Sandy Box is the new kid on the block, and it comes with all the tiki trimmings you could dream of. Sure, Chester has had its fair share of tiki bars before but those have nothing on the spirit and attitude of this place. Spoiler alert: I am about to shamelessly praise the quirky little Hawaiian getaway, because, you know… I love it there.












So let’s get real. Sandy Box is located on Cuppin Street in central Chester. You may or may not remember the venue as Francs French Restaurant in a previous life, but regardless you should know that there is not a single fibre of French fancies left in this place.


The Sandy Box looks like a pirate cove, an alohan affair. It certainly does not look like it’s anywhere near an ancient Roman city. It’s all about palm trees, pineapples, flamingos and a chilled out atmosphere. It’s impossible to be wired up or stressed in this place – it’s like it lives and breathes mahalo (admiration, praise, esteem, and respect) and Hau‘oli (happiness).


The staff are as chilled out as the atmosphere and they put their heart and soul into the drinks they pour. Whether you want a beer (from the Hawaiian Kona brewery) or a tasty exotic cocktail they throw everything and the kitchen sink at it. If the immensely sized cocktail menu and their huge selection of rum phases you, don’t worry. They’ll come up with something special just for you.


Food lovers need not look any further either – Sandy Box serves up some mean burgers and bar snacks with a difference. Their tropical eats plates serve up chicken pops, jerky spiced ham and even catch-of-the-day fishy treats.


So far Sandy Box has been the newest and perhaps worst kept secret in Chester but this place won’t be only for “those in the know” much longer. It’s where it’s at, folks, and the word is spreading. You should totally pay them a visit.


Have you been to the Sandy Box? Tell me all about it in the comments!

  • I love the design of that place! Pineapples everywhere <3 🙂

  • This place looks fun and delish! I’m always super interested in how Hawaii is portrayed outside of Hawaii (where I was born and raised). To be honest, it’s not much different. It’s all pineapples and maitis there too. LOL. I think the Tikis are not all that common in Hawaii, though. Lol! I’ve been to a Tikibar here in NYC and I was surprised I didn’t see any bobble head hula girls, hehe.

  • Super nice and cool place!
    xo, Margot

  • What! This is in Chester? Just love it! Why are there no tiki bars in Essex? ! Sad face. I’d be there all the time! it looks amazing! Ree love30

  • What a cute, cosy looking Tiki bar, looks perfect for a quiet night out with friends 🙂

  • I love, love, love Tiki bars and this one looks like a great one.

  • Aw I love this little tiki bar and the decorations aren’t cringey at all! It looks super cozy and warm, a perfect place to grab drinks!

    • I know! Sometimes the decorations can be so cringeworthy but this place nailed it. Top drinks too 😀 xx

  • Mark a williams

    We’re going there tonight!

    • Enjoy dude. It’s an absolute blast. ☺