Quirky comforts at Allison House




So when you’re booking yourself somewhere for your first wedding anniversary, you obviously are looking for a bit of luxury, a bit of pizazz, some quirky features, great service, good location and then cross your fingers and hope your bank balance won’t keel over and die when you hit the “confirm” button. Right?


I’ll be honest, I’m not massively difficult to please when it comes to accommodation on holiday. I’m content with a clean room with a bed that doesn’t cause me bodily harm and washing facilities that are at least as reasonable as what I have at home. I don’t tend to spend that much time in the room and to be fair, when I do I am usually a little buzzed and mega tired after a day of adventuring and when I wake up I’m in a hurry to go again. So hotel rooms are a little wasted on me.






But seeing it was my first wedding anniversary I couldn’t just go and book your bog standard budget hotel. I mean, surely it had to be a little special? So luckily I came across this quirky guest house ticking all the boxes I had on my list: I wanted everything and the kitchen sink but I didn’t want to pay through the nose for it.


The Allison House guest house in Edinburgh is a small Georgian building in the South side of Edinburgh in what unmistakeably is predominantly a residential area. The plus sides to this are that it’s quiet (no one likes to listen to traffic or other guests all night) and there’s usually parking available. The minus side is that it’s not in the city centre. Having said that, the centre only a 20 minute walk or a short bus ride/drive away so it’s not like it’s super inconvenient, and besides, the stroll up takes you through some pretty sweet views. An Uber costs you around £5 from the hotel to the city and I presume the bus ticket is cheaper. So, no problem!





Because we wanted a fancy room, and because I was a little late to the game (bad wife, I know) I ended up booking the family room which is recently renovated and this set me back £186 for two nights. If I’d booked earlier I probably could have saved some dough but looking at the room it really was worth every penny.


So the family room is room number 7, on the first floor and let me tell you, it’s enormous. The room sleeps 3 easily. It’s got a queen size double bed and a day bed also so it could definitely sleep a family. As it stood, it was just hubby and I but it was pretty fun to have all the space just to ourselves. There’s also a huge window with a lovely view over the garden, a great big telly, some armchairs and a good selection of teas and coffees and hubby tells me they were good quality brands (I don’t know that much about tea).






The only nag about the room is the bathroom, and that’s only if you’re a bath-lover. Mostly because there is no bath. It’s shower or go home here. I’ll be honest, it is on the small side but a super-sized bathroom is not really high on my list of priorities so I really didn’t mind. It was big enough for me and hubby to both potter in there and it was clean and warm and there was plenty of hot water. Job done.





I’ve never really wanted to stay in a hotel room just to enjoy it before and I was happy that we had an early night on our trip because sitting on the super comfy bed and taking in the lovely room was just really nice. What was also nice was to sip the bubble the staff had left in our room as a surprise anniversary present for us. It was really sweet and totally unexpected and makes me have all the loves for this family run little guest house.







Oh, also, I absolutely love the little lobby area – right next to the breakfast room. This where the Georgian spirit really comes to its own with the winding staircases, tall rooms and vibrant colour scheme. It makes you go “aww” when you come in, and make a sad face when you leave.


So yeah, I really enjoyed my stay at Allison House. Sure, if I’d booked early I probably would have saved some moolah but it really didn’t matter, in our opinion it was worth every penny. Next time we hit up Edinburgh I’m totally booking them again.


You can book the Allison House on Booking.com HERE and check out their own website HERE.

Have you stayed in the Allison House before? Tell me all about it, pronto!

  • This looks like such a pretty hotel room! Putting it on my list for Edinborough!

  • This looks like a fun trip … Happy Anniversary

  • Oh that must have been such an amazing stay! I’d be pleased with this one too :))

  • Happy Anniversary Katja. Alison house looks like a lovely place to stay. When I go away, I tend to find the place with the best bathroom haha I don’t know why, but I love having a luxurious bathroom with a gigantic bath when I am away from home.

  • I mean if it made you sad to to leave, then it totally worth every penny! I personally prefer cozy places over luxurious hotels. Happy anniversary 🙂

  • It’s always nice to treat yourself for a special occasion. Happy Anniversary x

    • Especially when it gives so much back 🙂 Thanks! xxx

  • Angela

    This looks like such a great trip! Happy anniversary!

    • It really was hun 🙂 xx

  • This looks so calm and cozy, im glad you enjoyed your stay. Happy Anniversary!

    • Aww thanks hun 🙂 xx