I’ll tell you something, it’s not easy being a Viking living it up in Northern England; Standing out like a sore thumb with blonde hair, blue eyes and a skin tone that makes the proverbial English Roses look well tanned.


Coming from the northern quarters of Scandinavia I made this corner of the world my home over a decade ago. Since landing I’ve noticed that the whole pillaging (et cetera) business is so last millennia, so I was left with integration. I studied a degree in Journalism in Chester University, I work in the editorial team of an industry periodical, I married a local boy and embraced the pub culture, real ale and all. Mostly real ale. Sometimes wine. Often food. But mostly real ale.


I eat too much and I drink too much, as far as I’m concerned these are classed as hobbies and I will endlessly and unapologetically go on about both while throwing a few profanities in for good measure. Oh, I also swear too much.


I’m a bitch and a goddess, wrapped in a veil of sarcasm and malignant virtue. I’m loud, proud, opinionated and you, dear reader, may now consider yourself thoroughly “katnapped”.