About beer and why more women should drink it


 “Hi, my name is Kat, and I like beer.”


No, I’m not a member of the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or even of the AB (Anonymous Beerlovers), this is how I usually introduce myself when I meet new people. Why? Not because I think beer drinkers are an identifiable group like Lambrini Girls, but because beer is what I love.


Drinking beer, talking about beer and writing about beer is my bread and butter, and it’s a passion I share with my nearest and dearest. Not that all of the ones fortunate (or unfortunate, let’s be honest) enough to be in my inner circle are as excited about all things ale as yours truly, but I admit I have surrounded myself with people who share, or at least tolerate my love towards it.


Today, I wanted to discuss a topic I have touched upon in previous blogs and which is very close to my heart; women in beer. Or more likely, where are they? More often than not, in the pubs I frequent, the beer tastings I host, events I attend and when talking about beer just for the hell of it, I notice a vast lack of female participants. Ladies who I do encounter on the way are usually out and about to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or a cider. I’m not advocating against these beverages (I mean hell, it’s in a glass and it gets me wobbly and I love it), but it does leave me wondering: why are more women not enjoying ale?



Because it ain’t cos of any actual void of women in the industry. There are loads of extremely talented women brewers, accomplished authors and brilliant bloggers out there. Just a quick google, and you find even more ladies who are commercially or personally inclined to talk and produce ale. Why can’t we see them in the pubs? Where are these ladies hiding?


Historically, the majority of ale for both domestic and commercial use in England was brewed by women. When the beer industry took off, men overtook the process. Take of that what you may but the fact is the majority of brewers at this time are male. That is not to say that there aren’t women in the industry, but why are there so few of them?


In my home town, Chester, we are lucky to have a strong albeit small female presence in our pubs, and I have the pleasure of knowing the majority of them personally, or at least to follow them on twitter 😄 They know their IPA’s from their porters and are very vocal about their tastes. And they take no shit from anyone.



I personally have very seldom experienced any form of dissing from my male counterparts about being the minority gender in beer, and I really struggle to name anyone I know who would have either. But you know, this subject quite often comes up when discussing beer and those who drink it. It’s not a secret society or an exclusive club, this group of beer enjoying individuals. And if it is, getting a membership is as easy as… well, enjoying beer.


Now. I am by no means saying that the ladies have to drink beer just to infiltrate a somewhat male dominated area. If they enjoy their wine and their cocktails, by all means, continue to do so. But what I would like to know is why is beer not appealing to them?



Beer is not your average John Smiths or Guinness anymore (thank goodness… see what I did there?) There’s an absolute plethora of different kinds available, and Chester has more establishments than I care to count where even the rarest of brews are readily on offer. We have light hoppy ales, fruit beers, sour beers, black lager, several types of stouts and even champagne beer. If you don’t like one type, don’t panic! There’s always something else to try.


Or are there some boundaries that just can’t be crossed? And if so, what are these boundaries and why am I constantly crossing them?



My challenge to you, should you accept it, is next time you frequent your local, attend a beer club or festival, bring your wife, your girlfriend, your friend or co-worker with you and introduce them to an ale. Next time you have a meal, try matching it with a beer instead of wine. Hell, suggest they try a beer cocktail (I know a few puritans who might want to whip me for even suggesting it but I’ll take my chances here). Maybe they don’t know it’s a fantastic tipple readily available in fantastic venues. Maybe they never thought a great beer can match if not top any cocktail or cider.


And maybe next time I introduce myself to someone, they will respond “Me too”.


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  • Kait

    I’m still trying to acquire the taste of beer! Maybe 2017 will finally be that year for me!

  • Great post but unfortunately I really don’t like beer, I have tried several types and just really don’t like the taste Definitely an interesting read though!

  • Wow. This is great. Although I have never had a beer before but really want to try once. 😛

  • This is a really great post but unfortunately I don’t like beer at all, this is because it makes me quite ill due to the gluten in it, however I have tried some gluten free beers but they weren’t my cup of tea. I’ll stick to my rums and whiskeys 🙂

    • Anna

      Have you tried beers from First Chop in Manchester? I think they’re all gluten free and they taste as good (or in many cases better) than a lot of gluten containing beers. Some really great brewing going on there.

  • I love beer too! Love a peroni but also love kozel and pilsner urquell. So I’ll take up the challenge! Ree love30

  • Enjoyed this even though I am not a beer lover at all! Maybe one day I’ll find one I like, until then, helllooooo wine.

    xo, Atzimba


  • Woww….theses are amazing post. I love beer, but maybe I can’t drink a lot like men do, but specially I love to drink beer on summer. It will tasted perfectly. Specially here in Germany, lots of woman love to drink beer too maybe because we have so many different our own German beer brand. 🙂

  • Jasmin N

    Wonderful post! I’m not a fan of beer, but I guess that’s because beers in Finland doesn’t really taste that good. Or then it’s just me haha 😀

    ~ Jasmin N

  • Great post! I don’t like beer right now, but maybe one day…Who knows? Life is unpredictable. 🙂