A week of beer offers in Chester



Chester really spoils us with great beer. We’ve got more pubs and bars per capita than many larger cities and boy, are they filled with some top tipple.


And if quality and quantity weren’t enough to rock your boat in the harbour of awesome ales, then prepare to clutch your pearls when I tell you than these esteemed establishments also have enough deals to keep you beered up all through the week.


Doesn’t get much better than that, eh?



Cask Aid in the Cellar Bar – £1 off all cask beers

Burger, fries and a pint for £8.95 at the Pied Bull



Happy hour 4-7pm at Kash Chester – all beers with discounted prices & pint of the day for £2.50



Burger and a bottle of craft beer for £9.95 at the Piper Hoole



Thirsty Thursdays at the Cross Keys – all cask £3 a pint

Burger and Beer for £11.50 at the Bar Lounge



Beers at the Old Cottage £3 a pint



Happy hour 4-7pm at Kash Chester – all beers with discounted prices & pint of the day for £2.50



Free bacon butty with a pint in the Cellar


Did I miss any offers? Let me know in the comments so I can update the post! Cheers everyone!

  • I am not a beer person but girl, I couldn’t believe you live in Chester! 🙂 Because, that is where I relocated 😀 Eekk! Always exciting to come across a fellow local blogger.
    xox Nadia

  • This sounds like my boyfriend’s DREAM. LOL. So much fun though! I would love to do something like this around where I live! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Great post and great place to visit. Looks like that you had so much fun at Chester.

  • I don’t drink beer but looks like you’re really into it 🙂

  • Thanks for this article! As a beer lover I’ll use it while visiting! 🙂

  • Yum! Sounds delicious.. enjoy!

  • Fazeela Ibrahim

    Not into beers !

  • I would love to visit Chester one day! I’l certainly take note and visit these places! It’s always good to know places with good offers as well

  • Mmm, I’ve not been much into beers in the past but those all sound really delicious! Hats off to you!