8 things to do when it’s cold and miserable outside



It’s that time of the year, folks! It’s time to dash inside from the pouring rain and to put the heating on. Woolly jumpers and slippers are no longer optional but a necessity to survive. Yeah, you heard me. Autumn has started to creep closer to winter and here in Jolly Old England that means rain, seeing your own breath and also endless conversations about how sh*t the weather is.


But it’s not all bad news. Because with the inevitable freezing gale winds and horizontal rain comes the exquisite excuse to enjoy some home comforts. When it’s cold and miserable outside, there’s nothing better than to run through the door to hide away from the unforgiving weather, kick off your drenched boots and to get your chill (or, more accurately, warmth) on. I mean, it’s the perfect time to get some serious TLC going.


So, here’s what I do to battle the ever darker and colder nights and stay super comfy like a boss.




Hit up that heating. It sounds obvious but it’s not just about giving the boiler some welly. I mean, sure, you need to warm up the house but you also need to get your comfy on! If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, crank that baby up. When I was little, I always knew that winter was coming when my parents lit the fireplace and we all gathered around it, so obviously I have a massive soft spot for them, but that’s besides the point. They are comforting and pretty and they make me feel extra cosy no matter what the weather is up to.




Super warm jumpers. Let’s face it, winter is the time to wear jumpers of all decrees. They’re like an extra layer made of hugs. If they’re extra big (like, big enough to play hide and seek in) all the better. I especially love wearing hubby’s jumpers during winter months (I’m actually wearing one right now) (don’t tell him).




Slippers. I never understood the importance of slippers until I moved into my current home. It doesn’t really matter how much you warm the place up, the wooden floors are always a little drafty and slippers quickly became a necessity. They’re soft, they’re comforting, and they keep my toes nice and toasty. A good pair of slippers is like a slice of happiness, for sure.




Hot chocolate. Okay, you can have tea if you prefer but who doesn’t love some sweet, sweet cocoa? Add a pinch of cinnamon for extra kick that is sure to chase any chill away!




Duvet. Duvets are for life, not just night, people. I am a massive advocate for duvet snuggling. Grab it, wrap it and enjoy it all around the house. There have been days when a duvet has been an integral part of my attire and I’ve successfully worn them on my person around the clock. And, coincidentally, this leads me to my next point…




Movies and stuff. I’ll be honest, I love watching nature or history documentaries when I’m a little down in the dumps. I don’t know why but they always make me feel better (especially if they’re about OWLS OR PENGUINS) and when the weather outside is frightful they’re really just the ticket to make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Obviously movies and must-see TV are also A-OK for this purpose. If you wear a duvet while watching you get extra comfort points.




Candles. I read somewhere that every candle you light raises the room temperature by 1 degree. I’m kind of sceptical of this but hey, they look super pretty and if they happen to be a fairly cheap way to heat up the living room I’m down with that.




Comfort food. The perks of living with a chef is that there usually is a fairly good supply of food in the house. And right now, it’s the kind of food that nourishes the soul more than the body. Mac n’ cheese, pasta bolognaise, pizza, burgers, you know what I mean. Lucky hubby has figured out a way to sneak super foods and healthy alternatives to the dishes I demand on a daily basis. We have an agreement of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” variety which means if I don’t suspect it’s actually secretly healthy, everything’s game. Point is, food at this time should be all about comfort and diet starts tomorrow, right?


How do you stay comfy and warm when it’s cold and miserable outside? Let me know in the comments!


  • Corinna

    I’m one of these fireplace people out there – love it. Add a good book and some spotify tunes – perfect!

  • Hehe I actually love this kind of weather! As you said, it’s perfect for blankets and movies x

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  • Samantha

    I love everything in this post. Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to be cozy and comfortable, watching Harry Potter on the couch with a fluffy blanket and hot tea with biscuits.

  • Daynna Hartjes

    I absolutely love this list! I often find myself loathing the colder weather, but I find by focusing on things like these it becomes a lot easier to get through the colder months. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!
    – Daynna

  • I think it is important to love every season and to try getting the best of them. I love Autumn and Winter and the rainy days, when i can stay in front of the fireplace, drinking tea and reading my favorite books!

  • Nazrin Miah

    This is my favourite time of year! Honestly. I love it when it gets dark early, I love the frost in the mornings, although I hate being cold all the time. But thats what we have hot chocolate, slippers & duvets for!


  • Since moving to Miami, I really miss doing all these things when the weather is icky! (Never thought I would say that, haha) Now I need things to do when it’s super hot year-round! Quite a change. 🙂

  • So far so Sabine

    Yup, comfort food… omg, I see myself gaining weight already again this winter. Now that I just lost the pregnancy kg’s haha. But who cares. We have to comfort ourselves in this time of year.

  • Excellent advice all over. I come from Greece where weather is hot/warm around 10 months per year and I miss some good old cold weather with all the “specials”. Nice article.

  • I would love to do all these things but studying comes first and it’s hard to study when the weather is like this because I am so sleepy! and now I am off to my training and it’s cold outside!

  • Yes to all of this! You can’t beat being wrapped in a super warm jumper with a duvet wrapped round you watching films! Ree love30

  • Duvets, and a cosy jumper are my favourite and I love it when the house is warm and toasty and smells of freshly made bread! 🙂

  • It’s summer in New Zealand, but as I write this comment, it is pouring with rain outside. I love your ideas and I have to admit I do a lot of these things when it cold outside. I think one of my favourite things to do it wear big, comfy, warm socks.

  • Perfect and great idea. I love every single idea that you wrote and absolutely I need this on darkest winter. <3
    Wearing hubby sweater, that´s one that I love it too. Hahaha…..;)

    Kintan XO,

  • Jasmin N

    Loved this list! It’s also pretty accurate now when we’re having -12°C degrees & 40cm snow on the ground haha. I can imagine myself in fancy slippers in front of a fireplace sipping that hot chocolate now.

    ~ Jasmin N

  • I love watching movies in my dressing gown with a big quilt when it’s cold especially on Sundays! Great post!

  • Can’t beat a cosy duvet day wrapped up in the warmth, especially with hot chocolate – always a winner! 🙂 xxx

  • Yes I love hot chocolate 🙂 I also have a super warm onesie hahah! It’s so cosy to wear!

    • Oh yes, the onesie, official outfit for ultimate comfort 🙂 xx

  • Hot chocolate in front of a fireplace is a perfect rescue remedy 🙂

    • …with some comfy slippers on, while wrapped up in a blanket. Winter ain’t too bad, eh 🙂 xx