7 weird but wonderful beauty hacks I swear by

I love me some beauty hacks that not only save time but make my life easier. I’ll be honest, I haven’t got a lot of patience for time consuming beauty regimes and I am tight when it comes to spending money on anything I can’t eat or drink. So if a thing a) takes less time but gives great results, and b) don’t cost me mo’ money, I am game.


Tried and tested, weird but wonderful beauty hacks this way guys –>



Double up on your setting spray

This is a sneaky little trick but I promise you, it works. Especially if you have a super oily skin, like me. Once you’ve applied your primer, spray some setting spray on it. This will set your primer and will create an extra layer for the oil to try and get through and trust me, it won’t. I know, it sounds crazy to use your setting spray at this point but don’t worry, you’ll use it to set the rest of your makeup once you’re all done but it genuinely helps your complexion stay proper matte.


Don’t use a matte foundation when you’re hungover

Let’s face it – no one desperately wants to leave the house on the day after the night before but most of the time we have to. And more often than not we want to cover the effects of the aforementioned night before with some trusty old foundation. But here’s the trick: your skin is already dry as a bone due to dehydration. So the worst thing you can do right now is adding some matte foundation because they have a habit of drying the oils of your skin – hence staying matte. Use a moisturising medium to full coverage foundation y’all, the dehydration will keep the oils away and your skin gets some much deserved TLC.



Dip your fingers in ice cold water to make nail polish dry faster

I know, I know, this sounds completely counterproductive but it works! Pop some ice cubes in the water to make it super chilly and once it’s almost at freezing point dip your fingers and freshly painted nails in there for until you just can’t anymore. Some people recommend a specific time, but I don’t think there’s an exact science to this. When you’re done you should notice that the water is beading on your nails and that means it worked! I’d say it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re in a rush. The worst that happens is you’ll have cold fingers for a minute.


Separate your lashes with a toothpick

This is probably rather familiar to everyone but I’m gonna put it out there anyway. I’ve heard people use safety pins or needles to do this too but please don’t, it sounds super dangerous. A toothpick on the other hand sounds a lot less dramatic and they’re great at separating those clumps in your lashes, should they ever plague you. I carry some with me at all times.



If you don’t have a dry shampoo, use baby powder

This one’s especially for you new mommies out there. I hear you go “whaat” but bear with me. Dry shampoo is obviously great if you have oily hair but can’t or won’t wash your hair every day, but here’s the secret: dry shampoos are really just talc or baby powder combined with a fragrance, which means you can use regular or unscented baby powder for the same effect. Tadah! P.S for best result, use a makeup brush to apply.


Make your skin less oily by adding more oil

I found out about this hack not long ago but boy was it a game changer! It’s another one of those ones that sounds totally counterproductive; adding oil to your already oily skin? But here’s the thing: when you introduce natural oils to your skin care routine your skin thinks it doesn’t need to develop any more oil and hey presto, the amount of oil on your skin will naturally start to reduce. Just slather some on your face right before bedtime and boom! You’re sorted. You don’t need to invest into some super expensive pots from the chemist though, just your bog standard coconut oil from the local supermarket is perfect. Coconut oil has loads of health benefits and trust me, apart from tasting delicious it’ll be your new best friend on the skin care department too.



Nivea Post Shave Balm is actually a pretty awesome primer

You may have heard about this hack from a million youtubers and beautybloggers and let me tell you: It gets the job done for less than £4. The consistency is more liquid than a balm; think of a texture of say a Benefit primer. It may have a little aftershavey aroma but once you pop some foundation on it, it goes away. It’s super easy to slather the rest of your makeup on and you know what? It keeps your shit in place all day. I ain’t even kidding. It’s just that good. Not convinced? That’s cool hun. But it’s not a lot of money to invest into something I’d recommend for all primer-related emergencies.


Have you any weird beauty hacks I should know of? Gissus a holler in the comments.


  • I find tips like this to be very helpful. We could all use infirmation that makes our routine easier.

  • I love the idea of drying nails on cold water. I also have oily hair, I never thought of using baby powder on it. I will surely do this tips. Thank you.

  • David Elliott

    I will have to tell my daughter about the nails part and putting them in cold water. I cannot imagine using a toothpick to separate eye lashes as I would just get to nervous sticking something pointy near my eyes.

  • Olujorby Chemqueen

    This is amazing. They are wonderful hacks to come by.

  • Katja Knox

    I have a confession – I did too! I, and the floor, looked like ghosts for a while. Never again 😀 xx

  • Ophelia Tang

    Beauty hacks are great! This is awesome and def will use!

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • I didn’t know a lot of this. Use baby powder instead of dry shampoo? Awesome, I’ll remember this.

  • deanna

    These are great tips. I love the one about don’t use matte if you have a hangover, lol. I also like the toothpick idea, my lashes are always getting stuck together.

  • I had never heard of any of these before. not that I use much makeup but OMG… I feel this will change a lot of girls’ life ahah xx corinne

  • Nina Bashaw Photography

    I love makeup products and I’ve tried several of these. I have never tried the setting spray, so I’ll have to get it and try it out!

  • Jessica Taylor

    I had no idea I could make my nail polish dry faster like that! I always stand around with my hands in the air to make sure i don’t ruin them!

    • Katja Knox

      I used to too, and wave them around thinking that would somehow dry them quicker. No more! xx

  • Alayna

    Setting spray has been such a game changer to me. I found that it makes pore strips stick better than water too!

    • Katja Knox

      Oh really? I need to give this a go. xx