7 things I want to do in Krakow


It’s getting closer guys – hubby’s birthday and our adventure in Krakow, Poland. I’ve never been before, nor have any in our travelling party, so it befell on me to do extensive research into things that we’d like to see, eat, drink and experience.


Well, OK. Truth be told, it didn’t really. I was specifically told not to spend hours online scouring through hundreds of sites and making a travel plan resembling a military regime (“OK guys I’ve scheduled the whole day into half an hour segments and because I love you all so much I have slotted ‘fun’ to 9.30pm till 10pm. You’re welcome.”) rather than a holiday. But I just couldn’t help myself.


So, seeing my travelling party is somewhat unwilling (I mean very. VERY unwilling) to be subjected to my idea of organised fun I am forced to subject you guys to all of it. So, without further ado…



Wieliczka Salt Mine

OK so Wieliczka (which is about 14km southeast of Krakow) is famous for its deep salt mine. It’s an eerie underworld of pits and chambers, and everything within its depths has been carved by hand from salt blocks. There’s chapels and altarpieces and figures and statues and monuments – and there are even underground lakes! It sounds super fascinating and I suspect we can escape the summer heat there – which to this pasty Viking is an absolute bonus.



Wawel Royal Castle

I’ll admit I’m not usually one to go to museums when I’m on holiday, because the historical cities I visit are, to me at least, enough to get a grasp on their past.Having said that, Wawel Castle museum is a castle, man. It contains five separate sections: Crown Treasury & Armoury; State Rooms; Royal Private Apartments; Lost Wawel; and the Exhibition of Oriental Art. Each requires a separate ticket (boo) but grounds admission is free (yay).



St Mary’s Basilica

This might come a surprise to you guys but one of my absolute favourite thing to do when travelling to new places in to visit their cathedrals and churches. Not because I’m particularly religious or spiritual, but because of the architecture. When constructed, these buildings were the height of their technology, know-how and skills and you can feel the love and dedication people poured into every stone. Also, in every cathedral or church hubby and I visit, we light up a candle for my dad. He passed away before he managed to realise his dream to travel the world and this way we’re taking him with us everywhere we travel to. Soppy, I know, but I bet he loves it. Anyway, this looks the most beautiful church so that’s why I want to visit there.



Pod Aniolami

I’ve heard so much about this place and it looks amazing! This restaurant has a medieval atmosphere, it’s filled with history and charm, and apparently it’s a proper hidden gem in Krakow’s culinary scene. It’s snuggly in the gothic cellars of a 13th-century building that once served as a goldsmiths’ workshop. The menu’s got delicacies of Polish cuisine, Polish and Russian dumplings, succulent wild boar steaks and grilled duck fillets. Get me there already!



Pod Wawelem-Kompania Kuflow

I hear that Pod Wawelem-Kompania Kuflow cooks up generous portions at reasonable prices, which alone is enough to convince me to visit. Here you can experience a dining excursion set in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is recreated through the décor and smaller details such as the waitresses’ uniforms and the original one-liter beer steins… which is the second reason for me to want to visit. The restaurant features Under the Wawel, a chopped steak with herb butter and fries, which can be enjoyed while admiring the sights of the Wawel Castle (which I mentioned before).



Mostowa Sztuka Kawa

You thought I wasn’t going to mention it in this list, didn’t you? Ha! I am stoked to visit this bar because I have heard it stocks a superb selection of craft beers from small Polish breweries. It sounds right up my street. OK so it might be a bit of a hipster hangout but it has an outside terrace, art exhibitions, movie screenings, loads of beers and also Polish fruit wines, ciders, flavoured vodkas and liqueurs. I can imagine this place will be a firm favourite of ours.



Enoteka Pergamin

OK – I don’t even know where to start with this one. This bar has a stunning venue set in an ancient building, and is a mad combination of a deli selling regional meats and cheese, an informal bistro, a beautiful large brick cellar with a more formal restaurant, an amazing cocktail bar, a spiffing cigar room, a wine shop and a tasting room. I have a feeling I could very easily just get lost in this place and never leave.


Have you been to Krakow? Where do you think we should visit? Tell me all about it in the comments, stat!

  • I haven’t been there! I’ve only visited Warsaw in Poland. It’s definitely not my favorite country but there seems to be quite many things to see in Krakow. I wish you can go explore there some time soon. 🙂

    Nora, https://dreamerachiever.com

  • Aditi Malhotra

    wow, the place looks amazing and thats a great list, covers almost everything and is a good mix of activities

  • Jasmin N

    Ah these sound like lovely plans! I’m exactly the same, I do a massive google research of every location we’ve ever been 😀 enjoy your trip!