Six Hoole lunchtime deals for under a tenner

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?'” — Winnie the Pooh


I don’t know about you but when I have an hour for lunch I don’t particularly want to waste it trying to figure out where is good. And I definitely don’t want to pay through the nose for it, either! So what’s a girl to do? Be in the know, obvs. Next time you’re agonizing over where to go for lunch, assuming your you’re in munching distance of Hoole, I got your back, yo.



Where: The Faulkner

How much: £7.95-£9.95

What you get: The Faulkner believes in the science of a long lunch and serves it from midday till 5PM. So it doesn’t really matter what time you can peel yourself away from the office (or where ever you slave away) you can tuck in a sandwich from the Faulkner’s selection (no hot sandwiches though!) with either a small soup, pub chips or fries, plus a selected soft drink for just £7.95 or any meal from the light bites section with a soft drink for £9.95. If you’re in a rush, call them before 11am to pre-order so you’re good to go from the minute you pop your head in.

Menu HERE.




Where: The Piper

How much: 1 Course £6.95 – 2 Course £8.95 – 3 Course £10.95

What you get: The Piper also serves lunch almost all the way through office hours and theirs is a mixed bag of pre-set menus, sarnies and omelettes. So whether you’re after a 3 course, elaborate luncheon extraordinaire or just want to struggle choosing between a bloomer or a toasted ciabatta they got you covered. I’d totally recommend adding shoestring fries or hand-cut chips for just one extra of your English pounds though. And if you’re not having sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream for afters you might as well not bother with lunch.

Menu HERE.



Where: The Suburbs

How much: from £7.95

What you get: From what I hear from my veggie friends, good vegetarial food is hard to come by. Some folks think it’s throwing a few leaves at a dish that makes it but they’re wrong. However, here my friends are in luck! If vegetarian food is your thing, the Suburbs’ got you covered. They’ve got veggie delights like mushroom and halloumi burgers for £7.95 and spicy peanut noodles for £8.50. Healthy and delicious? Sign the damn up!

Menu HERE.



Where: Bawn Lodge

How much: from £4.95

What you get: If you’ve ever been anywhere near Hoole, you’ll know the Lodge Bar. It’s an institution. Their Sunday roast is the stuff of legends and their lunch doesn’t fall too far behind. And you know you’re getting a bang for your buck. Their whole mains menu is priced well under a tenner and their “Create Your Own Burger” range which, shockingly, let’s you create your own burger of either an 8oz prime steak, minted lamb, grilled chicken breast or breaded chicken burger comes up at just under eight squids. So, whatever you fancy for lunch you’ll probably find it here. Their drinks are also very reasonable priced whether you were hankering for a pint or some pop.

Menu HERE.




Where: Bromfield Arms

How much: from £2.99

What you get: Ahh, the good ol’ Brum. They’ve got their full menu available whether your lunch break is just after elevensies or much later. That’s convenience, that. Their wares start from the Soup of the day with a bloomer for £2.99 and then of course there’s the pub classics like sausage and mash or fish and chips for two meals for £10.99. So regardless on how many of you there are and what time you’re going, you’re sorted. Noms ahead.

Menu HERE.



Where: Deli-Vert

How much: £1.20 onwards

What you get: It’s not every day I have time to escape the office for a sit-down meal, but thank heavens that doesn’t mean I end up at the mercy of the vending machine where crisps go to die. Bagging more awards I am physically able to remember, this mighty little deli opens and shuts in sync with your office hours (9-5) and offers a massive selection of different options – from 2 pasties for £1.20, to a bunch of handmade sarnies, pies, soups, sausage rolls… you name it, they probably have a plentiful of it there. And the prices won’t ruin your appetite either, with most of them coming in at below a fiver. P.S try their cheeses and sour dough crackers or regret it forever.

Menu HERE.


“When people you greatly admire appear to be thinking deep thoughts, they probably are thinking about lunch.” — Douglas Adams


What’s your favourite Hoole lunchtime deal? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Woww….looks so delicious and so tempting. Make me really hungry now.;-)

    Kintan XOX,

  • Jasmin N

    Oh my goodness that food looks so delicious!

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Tony Howse

    The sausage rolls from Deli Vert are amazing. We also like the Little Yellow Pig for their hot sandwiches.

    • katja

      I’ve only ever had cake at the Little Yellow Pig. This must be corrected post haste!