Chester’s new vintage haunt is more than a shop


What happens when you combine creative local entrepreneurs, some superb fashion, crafty gifts and some random bits and bobs that don’t really seem to fit anywhere but totally belong some weird way? The 2nd Floor on Northgate Street, that’s what.



It was a bloggers day out on Saturday when Polly and I hit the town with the sole purpose of drinking too much wine and attending the opening festivities of 2nd Floor, a joint venture of local creatives. I was especially stoked about the shop because, well. Let me count the ways.



One: they have all kinds of amazing, unconventional stuff for sale I could lose a forever just going through it all, two: they sell fabulous fashion from Junkbox, The Grunge Monkey and Colourful Self, and three… OK I don’t need a “three”, these are many a reasons enough.



Formerly part of the Becnicks team, Carrie Elizabeth, Sarah Hyndman and Kimberley Anderson, known respectively for their Junkbox and The Grunge Monkey fashion and lifestyle brands, have created a space that is more than just a shop. I mean, in how many shops can you rock up, get a brew, play a game of foosball, check out some local art and hear some local bands play? Rather than just a shop, it’s a creative hub from where you can buy all kinds of awesome things.



What did I buy then, I hear you ask. Well, I was feeling extra generous (and I may or may have not been scoring some extra points for my impending birthday) so I grabbed some “fashionable socks” (I checked with Carrie these were indeed so, I have no idea what that means but hubby is always after some) and a fancy, hand-painted, illustrated tea mug by the ever-talented Laura-Kate Draws. He loves them more than he has probably loves anything I’ve bought him before. I hope that translates into a massive birthday pressie for yours truly. Ain’t unconditional present-giving grand?



Anyway. Y’all seriously need pop by this awesome little venue. Just stepping through the doors puts you in a great mood. And the creative vibes here are infectious. You can’t help but leave feeling inspired.


Give the 2nd Floor some serious online love y’all


  • I love vintage shops and this one seems so unique! I love that they sell other bits aside from just clothes. Seems like a fun vibe here too.

  • Looks like a super fun place to hang out…and then leave with your wallet a little lighter. LOL

  • Sondra Barker

    That store is adorable. Your outfits fit the occasion as well.

  • Jasmin N

    Omfg, that place would be the dream for me! Do they happen to have online store? Asking for me, myself and I. 😀

  • That’s a wonderful place! So many gorgeous vintage things! I love the jewelry corner.