Bollocks to staying in: 3 mocktails you must try

Mocktails?” I hear you roar. “Who are you and what have you done to our Kat!

Bear with me.

It can happen on the odd occasion. It’s a lovely night, all your friends are out, the drinks are flowing and you? You’re sitting at home because you just got prescribed some anti-biotics and the doctor specifically told you not to drink with them. Or you’re going through a detox for one reason or another. Or any other scenario where having even a few drinks is just not an option.

Weekend: ruined.

When nights like this are NOT an option.

When nights like this are NOT an option.

Or is it?

I very recently had to go through a weeklong prescription of penicillin due to an infected wisdom tooth (yes, I’m serious. I’m post thirty and getting wisdom teeth. You may all laugh) and as it just so happened that was the weekend everyone was doing something fabulous.

No one wants to go out to drink diet coke or soda water until you burst, and even J20’s get boring at some point. So what’s a girl to do? Stay at home and silently resent everyone’s Instagram feeds or just suck it up and sup some stale pop in the pub?

And this is how I came across them: Mocktails.

Not only do these little babies look amazing, they also pack a massive punch in flavour. There’s no need to deprive yourself, so kiss goodbye to a slither of lime over too much ice and too little lemonade, and say hello to these fabulous creations!

Obviously, cocktail bar “mixologists” (you know what I mean) can craft you any kind of mocktail you can imagine, but what if you’re in the pub where the selection of ingredients is less than broad?

Fear not! I’ve collected three mocktails tried and tested by yours truly which can be mocked up (see what I did there?) in most pubs, bars and watering holes. You can even mix them at home instead of reaching for the old tap.

Go enjoy them already!

St Kitts - Picture credit

St Kitts – Picture credit

St Kitts

This beauty was originally a modification from one of the Difford’s guide cocktails. It’s sharp and refreshing and perfect for a hot summer’s day sitting in a beer garden or a sun lounge.

What goes in it?

75ml pineapple juice

25ml freshly squeezed lime juice

15ml grenadine syrup

Cold ginger ale to top up

Lime slice

Loads of ice cubes

Cranberry Cutie - Picture credit

Cranberry Cutie – Picture credit

Cranberry Cutie

A version of the traditional cosmopolitan, this baby also sports some superfoods so not only is it tasty, it’s also (probably) good for you! Sold? I thought so.

What goes in it?

85 ml red cranberry juice

82 ml apple juice

25 ml honey

Moscow Mule Mocktail - Picture credit Groupon

Moscow Mule Mocktail – Picture credit Groupon

Moscow Mule Mocktail

This drink takes minutes to make and seconds to drink and you can be darn sure the ingredients can be found in nearly every pub you’ve ever ventured into.

What goes in it?

Ginger beer

Dash of lime juice and some lime wedges to garnish

To up with soda water

Have you tried a spectacular mocktail? Hit me up in the comments!


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