Banging burritos with Mama K


If you’re like me, you might think Mama K is a new kid on the block in Chester. But I, and you, would be wrong. I could’ve, and should’ve come across Mama K’s burritos at one of the many festivals or other events they’ve attended around here, but I didn’t and it’s a downright shame.   Anyway. I came across…

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My Ankle Booties Wishlist


  Ankle booties wishlist by katnappd featuring black leather booties     Ankle boots are the marmite of fashion, I find. You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. To me, they were a slow burner. I used to think they look weird with skinny jeans or dresses but it turned out I wasn’t wearing them right and the fact…

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Marvellously Moroccan Kasbah Cafe Bazaar


I love Bold Street in Liverpool. It’s the eclectic centre of the city, filled with quirky shops, cafes, tea parlours, and eateries. People walking up and down the street are like from a hipster fashion show, with pieces probably bought in the shop next door you spot them. I fell in love with Bold Street years ago when I did…

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femALE brewing day at Brewhouse & Kitchen


Happy belated International Women’s day folks! Sorry about being around to wish it to everyone identifying as female on the actual day but you see, I was busy brewing beer. This Ale Lover Extraordinaire got to put her money where her mouth was and actually get her hands (and clothes, doh) dirty.     International Women’s Day celebrates the social,…

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Beer Without Fear March


Beer Without Fear is a clever concept. It’s a monthly beer tasting  in the Cellar Bar which aims to serve you the most bonkers, insane and intense beers from around the world in 6 tries. Two judges go head to head presenting 3 beer each and in the end the beer tasters vote for their favourite. Simple? Yes, unless you’re…

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Deva Taprooms takeover


Some of you may remember my totally emotional eulogy to Kash Bar a few days back, in which I said goodbye to a place which was a stage where the most important events of my life played out. Fast forward three days (yes, folks, three days) and I found myself knocking on the door of the familiar building, with beer…

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Scandinavian Oven Baked Pancakes


So yesterday was pancake day. Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent – the 40 days leading up to Easter – was traditionally a time of fasting. But instead of pancakes, I decided to treat hubby to a Scandinavian delicacy; the baked pancake.     Apparently, Scandinavian cooking…

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So long and thanks for all the beer


Kash is dead. Long live Kash.     I’ve started this blog a good few times and deleted every word after a few lines because I just didn’t think they did the subject any justice. It’s hard trying to put into words what this place has meant to me over the past 6 years. It’s hard to explain how much…

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Fighting my fine lines


  Alright, it’s official. My 30’s have officially caught up with me and I now have the fine lines to show for it. These pesky little buggers have appeared overnight underneath my eyes and no amount of creams, lotions or potions seems to make them scarce.   It may sound like a massive contradiction but whereas I embrace getting older…

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Breakfast of champions: huevos rancheros


  One of the perks of marrying a chef is that you’ll never go hungry. And when they get inspired by something, boy are you in for a treat. Take this ‘huevos rancheros’ breakfast beast. It’s a solid favourite of hubby’s and mine for a lazy morning together. We get precious little time together as he works shifts and I’m…

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