I❤MCR – What we need to remember in this tragedy


I couldn’t not say anything. I have to say something. My heart broke on Tuesday morning as I turned on the news. I was swept away by shock, horror, grief and fury. I wanted to cry for Manchester but I was angry. I was full of this god-awful rage and I didn’t know what to do.   But the Mancunians…

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Chester Beer & Wine Spring Portfolio Tasting


I have a confession: I’m somewhat of a serial offender when it comes to Chester Beer & Wine events. I don’t need much convincing to go for a few drinks at the best of times but when you’re invited to a portfolio tasting session with about 14 of reps showing around 200 of their favourite wines and spirits – well,…

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6 things I’m obsessing over on SimplyBe


I’m all about frugal fashion but I know oftentimes you get what you pay for. For us curvier girls, frugal fashion can be a bit of a challenge too. I mean, we need clothes with clever cuts and beautiful fits and fashion just isn’t one-size-fits-all. But never fear: here’s 6 things on SimplyBe (online shop for us curvier girls) I’m…

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Beer Without Fear May


So last night it was that time of the month again – time to taste outrageous beer in good company in the form of Beer Without Fear. This onslaught to your senses is a monthly beer tasting in the Cellar Bar which aims to serve you the most bonkers, insane and intense beers from around the world in 6 tries. Two judges…

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April Hoole Street Festival


  Last year I wrote about the Hoole May Day Street Festival taking over the main shopping streets of the now somewhat famous suburb in Chester, and this year they did it again. It was bigger, bolder, louder and some might even say, better than its predecessor.     The team behind what is undoubtedly now an annual event is…

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Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast


Pancakes are great, right? But you can’t have them too often because they take so much time to make and they can be a little fatty. Wrong! Here’s my two favourite pancakes recipes that are super easy to make, take very little time and aren’t really fatty at all. Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast, y’all.     Breakfast berry pancakes…

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Beer and beats at the April BrewBarn festival


So Saturday the sun was a-shining, the beer was a-flowing and the music was a-playing. The conditions were pretty good for the Spitting Feathers BrewBarn day at the brewery, and they certainly rose to the occasion. And how!     What’s a “BrewBarn” then, I hear you ask. Well, here’s how it works: the day starts at 2.00pm sharp and finishes around 6.00pm.…

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A mix of modern and tradition: Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar


The Western Coast of Finland is a right beauty, and nestled in its gentle (or bloody brisk) embrace is its jewel; Rauma.     The City of Rauma, founded 1442 is Finland’s third oldest town. This year it celebrates its’ 575th anniversary while the Mother Land puts its on party pants to celebrate 100 years as an independent state. So…

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Message in a Bottle, Berlin


  Berlin’s beer roots are deep in the ground. I mean, Germany is a beer country – and they take their beer very seriously. They even have a 500-year-old Beer Purity Law which says that only hops, barley, yeast and water can be used to make Germany’s favourite drink, of which they have over 5,500 brands of. Trust me, you…

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